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Brussels Bombing Analysis from Joyce Levine

Joyce levineI just saw this in the NCGR newsletter and wanted to share with my blog readers. Joyce Levine is an eminent astrologer whose insights help put major events into perspective. Here is what she just posted on the Brussels bombing:
A quick look at the aspects for the Brussels attack on March 22, 2016:
Belgium's chart is October 4, 1830, 12 p.m., Brussels, Belgium
1st bomb at 8 a.m.
  • Pluto in 9th house conjunct MC in Brussels, Uranus in Aries square MC.
  • Transiting Moon in Virgo opposite the Solar Eclipse degree in Pisces, conjunct Solar Eclipse of September 13, 20 Virgo, conjunct natal Venus in Virgo and opposite Mars in Pisces.
3rd bomb at 9:10 a.m.
  • Belgium-October 4, 1830, 12 p.m., Brussels, Belgium
  • Transiting Uranus on 4th house cusp, opposite MC.
Solar Eclipse on March 8
  • Conjunct natal Mars in Pisces, opposite Venus in Virgo in Belgium chart.
Lunar Eclipse Chart on March 23 at 3 Aries
  • Libra square Uranian planet Hades at 3 Cancer. The square to Hades indicated that this eclipse would likely be destructive. Saturn and Pluto parallel.
  • Sun and Mercury in chart conjunct MC in Brussel from 9th house opposite Moon in 3rd, conjunct IC.
  • Uranus in 10th house squared by Pluto in 6th.    
Joyce Levine of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is professional astrologer with 30+ years experience. Her clients include individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Joyce is the Clerk of NCGR and President of its Boston Chapter. She is the winner of the Regulus Award for Community Service at UAC2012. See