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LoveScope for the Week of March 23, 2016

LovescopesGet your shine on this week as the planets provide extra oomph and a bit of moxie. See where you want to go, get your talents in one serving, mix it up and get going.

Life becomes much more frenetic and caffeinated as old things that were left on the back burner suddenly move forward and begin to boil over. How much good stuff can you handle right now Aries. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

You are bursting with good ideas, a sense of mission and the desire to “do good”. That is great news, Taurus. Make this a time of community service where your charitable deeds have positive impact. Pay it forward and expect to hit a pay off later.

Get some of your friends together and work on a mutually beneficial project. It may involved joining a new club or revamping a current group dynamic. You display great leadership skills now, Gemini. Don’t be chicken to rule the roost.

Any career dreams can take form this week, Cancer. Put your ambitions on top of your priorities and start moving ahead with any long deferred professional or long term plans. You can reach the top of anything you set your mind to do. So set it now.

If you have considered going back to school or learning a new thing or two, do it now while your enthusiasm for self improvement is high. Leos know a lot, but you can always learn one thing more. Then you can show them how it is done!

Sexy Virgos don’t realize the strong effect they have on people now. You are cooking with oil and can sizzle anyone. Set your sights on creating a happy and secure love life with the right person. If that means trying out a few along the way so be it.

All you need is one true heart, Libra. So seek it now. If you are currently in a relationship, honor and spoil your partner to let them know how much you care. Life is balance. Give a little, get a little. Give a lot, get a lot more.

Scorpios work a little harder now but they will actually enjoy it immensely. That is because you can really get a lot of things done. Focus on the details, get the right instruction and enlist a little help. Many hands make for light (and successful) work.

It will be hard to contain your creativity and sense of fun this week. So don’t be held back or reined in. Go with the artistic flow and find new ways of expressing yourself in a festive and enlightening way. Some Sagittarians have all the fun!

Capricorns find that they enjoy being home more than usual now. Plan some intimate get togethers or decide to tackle some long awaited home improvements. Or maybe you will be inspired to just move? Whatever it is, make it your refuge.

If you have something personal and important on your mind, share it with others this week. Aquarians may find that they can develop a following. Who knows where this can lead? Before you know it you may launch a blog or podcast. Or just a rant.

Watch your pennies now, Pisces. You might find that you want things that are beyond your budget. But if the urge is very great and you see an ultimate value, spend with purpose and with care. With all your energy, you could recoup any loss soon.

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The Heart Said Yes; the Horoscope Said No

Zodiac signsThis is a very interesting story about where Vedic astrology can predict the future and how it is used by those who follow it. Amisha K. Patel lives in New York City, where she is a social entrepreneur and lawyer. This is her story of Modern Love from the New York Times:

Ever since I was a child, I have known my destiny. Not in the subtle ways that some believers in fate know, but in the very unsubtle way that many Hindus know.

I have what we call a janmakshar, a premium personalized horoscope. Based on the positions of the stars at the exact time and location of my birth, my janmakshar provides a map of my life that Indian astrologers can use to predict — for a fee, of course — everything, including my temperament (“She will be sharp-tongued and stubborn”) and my career (“She will have great success and be well respected in government”).

Some astrologers are naturally gifted, while others rely on software programs to do their divining. I have read that India may be home to more astrologers than the rest of the world combined because so many people there seek astrological advice on questions large and small: When is an auspicious time of day for the wedding? Should I take this job? Will I win the case?

When my parents came to America, they brought their astrological beliefs with them. Over the years, they would return from their annual trips to India with updated readings in Gujarati or Hindi about my siblings and me from astrologers boasting famous clientele.

After rifling through my parents’ bags for new clothes and junk from the bazaar, we children would gather around the kitchen table as my mother put on her glasses to translate our fates. She would sometimes pause and skip entire paragraphs, at which point we would try to guess the bad news from which she was shielding us. She claimed that she did not want the predictions to unduly influence our decisions.

Over the years, several of those predictions did seem to come true. My brother did get sick enough at 25 to require a kidney transplant. My sister did marry at 30. And though I had been painfully shy as a teenager, I did grow into a sharp-tongued lawyer well respected in government. I’m not sure we thought too much of those predictions when we were living them. If we did, we chalked them up to coincidence.

Being Indian by way of New Jersey, I often railed against this determinism, pointing to the variations among the readings as evidence of their falsity, even if a few did come true. The lawyer in me prized rationality and logic, and the idea that outcomes were predetermined ran contrary to all my work, education and ambition. I found my parents’ belief in fate unnerving and un-American.

My father would say: “Ami, it’s not that your fate changes with each reading. That is fixed. It’s just that some astrologers are better at telling your story than others.” One of the many stories that my parents — and eventually I, too — wanted to change with each telling was that of my marriage.

When I was 27, my fiancé broke off our engagement after two years of us trying to buoy our relationship, which sank not so much from a lack of love but from a comedy of errors involving suspicions of “black magic” by members of our feuding families that led to distrust between my fiancé and me, ultimately unraveling our plans and dreams.

As I lay catatonic on my parents’ couch in the aftermath, my mother, heartbroken, tried to comfort me. As she stroked my hair, she told me there always had been a prediction that I would have a “broken relationship” at this age.

She had wanted to tell me earlier, when things weren’t going well, that it may be better to break it off, but that was one of the many times she had hoped the astrologers were wrong.

She reassured me that none of this was anyone’s fault: not mine, my fiancé’s, his family’s or ours. It was simply our fate, which had been written long before he and I met.

I couldn’t make sense of the fact that despite how much we loved each other and how well we got along, we had not ended up together. I had grown tired of replaying every wrong move and angry word. I couldn’t silence my inner voice, which kept nagging, “If only … ” and “Maybe if you hadn’t. …”

Instead, I tried to relax into the great comfort that none of our behavior had mattered. I told myself I had been trapped in a choose-your-own-adventure book in which all paths led to the same sad ending.

And in this way, I finally managed to peel myself from the couch and return to my life in New York, where I had to study for the bar exam.

A few weeks later, I was back in New Jersey for lunch with my parents, where they presented me with an envelope and a small plastic bag containing a pendant with a translucent blue-tinged, tear-shaped stone.

“It’s a moonstone,” my father said.

“It’s expensive and rare,” my mother chimed in.

I glanced at the envelope. In red typeface on the upper left corner were the words: “Matri Vision, specializing in matrimonial counseling and rituals.” It was addressed (with my name misspelled) to “Ms. Amita Patel USA.”

My heart sank as I remembered ads from some other matrimonial counseling outfit that had appeared constantly on Indian satellite television: “Love life not working out? Health problems? Everything going wrong? You may be under black magic. Contact us and all your problems will be solved.”

I had always pitied the desperate fools targeted by those ads. Now it seemed the desperate fool was me.

My parents explained that the astrologer had predicted a bright marital future for me once an obstacle was removed.

Apparently, the position of two Vedic planets in my chart — Rahu and Ketu — was troubling, and my parents should have done a prayer ritual to rid me of the effects when I was born. Instead, they had let these two mischief-making planets have their way with me.

The absurdity of the whole thing made me laugh, but I was eager to read the instructions and glad they were in English so my parents would not be able to skip the bad parts.

I was to light incense and meditate on Lord Chandra, the god of the moon. I was to wash my moonstone in milk and the waters of the Ganges (luckily my parents always have some in the refrigerator) while repeating the Chandra Mantra 108 times. I was to wear the moonstone for 90 days while trying to be “active, cool and health conscious.”

Meanwhile, back in India, Matri Vision’s Brahmins would do a separate moonstone prayer ritual for me, and I would need to fast until 4 p.m. on the day they performed it, which would take place in 60 days. What did I have to lose? I wore my moonstone religiously and hoped Rahu and Ketu would stop messing with me.

After taking the bar exam, I headed off on a seven-week adventure to Southeast Asia. I was in Laos on that 60th day of the moonstone prayer ritual, which I had completely forgotten about.

But as fate would have it, I had given morning alms to the monks in Luang Prabang, and the ritual made me want to fast, just as I sometimes did at home when my mother asked me to do so for religious reasons, so I had.

After 90 days, my life had improved drastically. I no longer awoke feeling frustrated and angry. My Hindi movie melodrama had stopped replaying itself in my dreams.

I still wasn’t sure I would love again, but it didn’t matter as much because I now believed there was nothing more I could have done to save that relationship.

My father called and said that he had spoken with the counselor from Matri Vision and that a final step remained, which I could complete the next time I visited.

When I went to New Jersey that weekend, my parents handed me a basket shrouded in black cloth. In order to move on from my broken engagement, I would need to place the basket in the branches of a leafless tree and not look back.

On my way out to the yard, I peeked inside the basket and saw two bangles, a cheap necklace, earrings, a tin of kohl and a handkerchief. I reached up, placed it securely between two branches and walked away. I was tempted to look back but had come far enough that I was not going to spoil it in the homestretch.

Soon after, just as predicted by Matri Vision, I met my next marital “opportunity,” an Orthodox Jewish man three years younger, as improbable a match for me as my fiancé had been probable. But now I was more open to improbable, because, you know — fate.

And as I slid into love with him against all of my better judgment, I felt liberated, not constrained, by the fact that our story, too, had already been written.

But I kept wearing my moonstone just in case.






Horoscope for the Week of March 21, 2016

Quentin TaratinoThe Sun enters aggressive Aries and directs our energy force into new battles. We feel compelled to make good use of time. Good! Storm the barricades friends, but beware of the moat. Oops!

(Quentin Taratino has Sun in Aries)

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The cosmos puts a tiger in your tank and you are ready and raring to go! You become a social force with whom to be reckoned. But somewhat a bit too much right now? Before you become a legend in your own mind, check your act at the door and make it a point to retain your bold and winning flair. Aries can be pushy, pushy. Try to hold yourself back just a little.

Taureans have their carefully guarded secrets exposed this week. But this is nothing to fear. It might be a relief - and not a moment too soon! This is no time to compromise on your happiness and fulfillment. And speaking of which, for those who hanker for a higher plane, try to explore more spiritual outlets now. Achieve nirvana with your favorite deity. Omm.

Friends beat a path to your door and Geminis love the attention. Spread yourself thin. You are in demand for any party or social event and can tickle any tastebud. Enjoy the camaraderie while it lasts. Before you know it this flowing energy will flow in another direction and you will be just another off key crooner with a karaoke machine. Hey is it hot in here or is it me?

You have plotted and planned your corporate ascent but not much has been happening. Nothing much, that is, until this week. Cancers should prepare themselves for an opportunity to prove their mettle to the corporate executive machine. Put all your knowledge to work and work all your knowledge. Don’t be shy. You are brimming with aptitude and ready to burst.

Leos are revved and raring to expand their global outreach in all possible ways. Get creative, make your plans and get going,. You only have a few short weeks to plan and implement a grand global adventure whether you actually travel or just cruise the internet. What mark do you want to make on the world? Be sure that it is more than a smudge.

Feeling the burn? Getting ants in your pants? Virgos are hot to trot and are in a full gallop for the next few weeks. The value of your personal stock rises and it may be time for a public offering. Are you buying or selling? Use all of the charisma you can muster and see who sparks your imagination. You will have a lot of choices. Be wise, be smart, but don’t behave.

Even balanced and diplomatic Libras feel the pull of commitments this week. You are tempted to solidify and strengthen relationships ... or seek new ones if the mood strikes you. But don’t tear down what simply needs a bit of sprucing up. You have the unbridled energy to tie up loose ends and corral your stallion. Ride ‘em cowpoke. Yeeha!

Scorpios now have a good excuse to reassess their diet and exercise regimes. Dust off your health club membership and get those sweats out of mothballs, buddy. This is no time to procrastinate, make excuses or just be lazy. You are suffused with the passion to get that dry-docked boat out on the high seas again. It’s never too late to dive in and get wet.

Sagittarians are placed on the A-list of party hearties this week. You are tempted to let loose and have a great time. How outrageous can you get? Why not channel this oomph into something more productive. Your creativity soars and increases your urge to explore all realms of artistic pursuits. Do all you can to create a personal masterpiece, Picasso.

There is no compromise with recalcitrant family members now. It’s about time, Capricorn. Things need to be said. Things need to be done. Open up your Pandora’s Box of complaints and air ‘em out. Guess what? All your fears disappear in the light of day. You have great reserves of courage as well as high energy. Use ample amounts of both now.

Aquarians are bursting with great ideas this week and they are aching to share them. So say what you mean to say loud and clear. But weigh your words carefully before you push things to the extremes. (Is this really a bad thing??) Your opinions are about as subtle as a falling anvil. Your commentary could come back to haunt you. Boo!

Money becomes the be all and end all for Pisces now. Sudden greed combines with any spendthrift tendencies and taps your dollars and common sense. Don’t make this season too taxing by taking unnecessary fiscal risks with your wad. Careful financial planning and a close eye on the bottom line increases your assets and limit your liabilities. Or something like that...



Lucky Numbers for the Week of March 18, 2016

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes. So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of Mar 18-24, 2016:

9, 17, 24, 36, 47, 48, 55, 70

There are many ways to delve into your own consciousness to find luck and intuition. Try reading Dream Power/Improve Your Luck (Super Strength Series) and see if your dreams give you any clues and premonitions. Here's a guide to the best books available this month

LoveScope for the Week of March 16, 2016

LovescopesWe may become especially romantic and mushy now as our hearts are unleashed and unfettered. Will we float on a cloud of love or come back to reality with a splat? Pack a pillow in case.

Affairs of the heart always seem to sound exciting and exhilarating but sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth. So if you are tempted to secret liaisons now, be a little more practical before you jump in. Then let your heart burn.

A certain friend may capture your heart this week. But do you really want to mix passion into a platonic relationship, Taurus? The ultimate repercussions could be a loss of a good friend for a short term affair. Be slow and steady before you act up.

You love your job! At least you think you do this week. That is because your co-workers like you and you shine around the office. Geminis can impress anyone they want to impress now. The real question is who do you really want to impress?

If you travel outside of your usual neighborhood, you may be surprised at all of the fabulous people you meet. Cancers could experience a romantic fling with an unusual, exotic stranger. Your heart travels to distant lands... or is it hands?

Leos are full of vim, vigor and sexiness this week. You can attract anyone you want and even a few admirers who you don’t want. You also make some major positive life changes now. So strut your stuff while you have the animal magnetism. Grrr.

Relationships figure prominently in your life now, Virgo. You will need to decide which ones are most important and which ones need a little extra work. Once you have your priorities, spend more time with the most important you-know-who.

Don’t work too hard this week, Libra. Know how to balance your projects, delegate some of the tough stuff and examine the nitty gritty details to save time. Before you know it you will have lots of free time just to goof off. Maybe next week....

Scorpios become artistic masters this week and why not? You are full of pizzazz and inspiration. Let your imagination run wild and create a festive, beautiful scene. Paint, dance, act or just throw a great party. The secret is to just have fun.

Relatives knock on your door this week. Are you home? The temptation would be to say “no” but give them an opening anyway. There is the chance to repair broken connections and reinforce family ties. How tight do you like them Sagittarius?

Try to get a few neighbors together and work on a local project. There is a lot you can do accomplish to improve your neighborhood and many hands make for easier work. A new park? A new local hot spot? This could be fun, Capricorn.

See what items make your heart flutter and which ones give you agita. This week is a good time to concentrate on what really matters, Aquarius. we often take the easy route and go with the crowd. But thinking for yourself will have a bigger payoff.

Don’t give your heart away to just any stranger this week, Pisces. You need to be more discerning and careful, rather than trusting. But once you find the right person it will be glorious. Keep kissing frogs until you find royalty.

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