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Sound Bath

Sound bathI had my first sound bath a couple of weeks ago and I had to admit, I didn't know what a sound bath was until my friend suggested that we go to one. Hyperallergic says that in recent years, meditation sessions guided entirely by sound have become increasingly popular. Known as a Sound Bath, they invite participants to simply lie down on mats while soothing instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs chime softly throughout the entire session. They speak to the healing power of sound; chances are you’ll find a meditation center, yoga studio, or spa near you that offers them.

My session, at NYC's MNDFL on east 8th street was like curling u p in the dark under the covers and meditating while listening to gongs, bells and other gentle chiming instruments. It was very soothing.

Claire Voon told of her experience in a magnetic sound bath - I found my timed magnetic sound bath more transportive. I felt disjointed from my physical surroundings and detached from heavy thoughts; my body seemed buoyant and connected only to the many layered vibrations, which, rather than simply aural, seemed tangible. I felt akin to one of those thin metal strings, as if I were quivering gently but with complete stability. When the session ended, I was still physically tired, but my mind felt clear and ready to focus.

It is something to be experienced.


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