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Horoscope for the Week of October 16, 2017

BeyonceCheck your energy levels this week. You are raring to go, go, go!. Are you a supernova who bursts and dissipates or are you a steady force that moves mountains? Ask Venus which moves into Libra and squares Pluto.

(Beyonce has Venus in Libra)

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If you feel pulled in two directions by the demands of a partnership, try not to let it influence your career decisions. Aries have a tendency to forcefully state their views and then bend to try to make everyone happy. But try to think about you own happiness now - your needs, desires and plans. Hopefully those close to you will understand. If not, give them time.

As much as you want to roll up your sleeves and be productive, the fates conspire to divert your attention to global, mind bending things this week. Taureans are apt to daydream and wander down detours. This is not a bad thing, usually. But the most important thing is to not get hung up on details that are just time wasters.You know who we mean.... ahem!

Can you seek fun and frolic alone or will you drag lovers along for the wild ride? It is up to you , Gemini. You are in a very expansive and focused mood now and think that what you say, goes. How far will you really take things? That is the question. Remember that one person’s pleasure is another ones pain. Of course some people like it that way.

The focus is on home and family. Cancers putter around the house with a vengeance, creating dust, activity and domestic evolution. Did I say evolution? I meant dramatic change. While family pressures compel you to take certain actions, will those particular actions cause frictions in relationships? It depends on what type of friction you want.

Chit chatting at work will only get you into trouble now, Leo. So if you can find an outside groaning board to pine to, do so. Otherwise button your lip and try to look at things and co-workers optimistically. There is nothing to be gained from complaining now anyway. Idle gossip takes on a frankenstein life of its own and walks the cubicles. Nice shoes though.

Count your pennies and be sure that you get exactly what you pay for. Virgos are tempted to join in the festivities but might find that after all the drinks are drained and the antics acted, they are stuck with the bill... and the clean-up. So continue to party hearty but keep an eye on the arc of the event. Make your exit early along with your wallet.

You are forceful, compelling and quite a showpiece now. At least you think so. Libras may not know when enough is enough. Strut and fret your time on the stage but recognize when the audience is ready for an intermission. You are brimming with great ideas that no one will hear if you can’t find a way to modulate the message. Yodeling isn’t the way.

Scorpios focus on what is going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes. And they are not afraid to talk about it ... incessantly. Don’t do that. Keep it to yourself. Before you try to root out any mysteries, take a step back and see if you are being motivated by the facts or paranoia. Of course some of us say that paranoia is simply having all the facts.

You are one of the most sociable people around. And you don’t mind going out of your way in platonic relationships. But there are those who might take advantage of your good nature and your generosity now. How much do you want to fund your friends’ jolly times? It is nice to be nice but try not to be a doormat. Draw a line and stay on your side, Sagittarius.

You are more ambitious than usual. But be discreet now and try and focus on your career without making a spectacle of yourself. Capricorns who can find strategic ways of working behind the scenes to get themselves well positioned will make more long term inroads than those who try to highlight their accomplishments publicly. Hire a press agent later.

Aquarians may feel compelled to scratch their itchy feet and travel but be sure to plan any upcoming trip very carefully. There may be some details that you have left out that will be crucial to finding your way or discovering new and important things. Keep a watchful eye out for shady characters. What you learn about them now will fill in all the details. Ah ha!!

Hot and steamy Pisces have a fire lit under them. Or is it that they burn with passion? Whatever warms your heart, explore it this week. But while the temptation will be to mix friendships with love, it is probably a better idea to keep all your relationships separate, less complicated and ultimately happier. Who will you turn to for love advice otherwise?.

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