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Horoscope for the Week of October 23, 2017

Jodi foster sun in scorpioThe Sun enters passionate Scorpio setting off a time of intense energies. We sweat at the expectation and sit up and take notice of any opportunity. How long will it take us to manifest our cosmic destinies? Start the timer....

(Jodi Foster has Sun in Scorpio)

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You have a certain animal magnetism now, Aries. Grrr. Will you share your sizzle with some well done sides of beef? Or will you be content to share your sugar with an array of sweet cakes? Whatever your tasting menu has to offer, make good use of time. Before you know it, palates and preferences will change. Don’t become an after-dinner after thought.

Reach out and make important connections now. Taureans have the ability to bring all types of people together and in doing so, can enhance their own social standing. Important folks gravitate to you so don’t let your best ideas lie fallow. Push your personal agenda, start new things and enlist help and advice. Everything will bloom in the winter, as you will soon see.

Your work environment become a place of harmony and mellowness. At least it will seem that way. Go with the happy flow, making new friends and alliances. Geminis with some big, arduous projects to complete will find some colleagues willing to help out. So allow yourself to be wafted on a cloud of cooperation before it loses steam.

Everything starts out all fun and games this week but soon enough your party plans may get totally out of hand. Cancers find themselves in the middle of all the festivities. But will you take on too much at once? Stop grabbing for glories before you find yourself stalled, dissipated or just plain overwhelmed. Better find a few able hands to help out. Oh lower!

It is a good time to attend to home based chores and issues. But if you allow relatives to demand too much of your time and attention you will jeopardize your career opportunities. Draw a line in the sand and parse out your energies carefully. Leos should do what they can when they can and no more. Try to defer all important family decisions for a few weeks.

Virgos with a compulsion to gossip should wait until a few weeks before they leak their headlines. The fates will conspire to blow anything you say out of proportion and deliver you certain unpleasant consequences. All eyes are upon you. Why take the risk with any indiscretions? The less you say now, the wiser you will appear to others. Stay very wise.

Lavish spending may make you very popular in certain circles and among some very sexy company. Life looks very exciting now, Libra. See how long you can keep your pricey popularity index rising. In the long run, however, you will find that those who love you for yourself and not for your bank balance are worth more than gold. Wait and see....

Scorpios need to command center stage. But your demanding personal presence may begin to grate on those close to you. Try to share the spotlight (or at least the credit) with partners. You will not be able to perform at your peak unless you have their support. For those on the prowl, talk less about yourself and more about the other person. Difficult to do, I know.

There are things going on behind the scene that might cause you extra stress. Sagittarius. The best thing to do is to unleash all deeply hidden secrets and let these gremlins shrink in the light of day. Be as open as you can. There is nothing so burdensome that you can’t lighten the load. Also, deferring any unpleasant job task will not make it go away. But delegating it will....

Your presence is demanded at every top tier event. How can you disappoint your admirers by staying at home? You can’t, Capricorn. Resolve to dance at as many social events as possible without getting tossed out for bad behavior. There will be plenty of time in the next few weeks to warm yourself by the fire with some hot toddy. Search for your hot toddy now.

You finally gain some traction in your career path only to be side swiped by a family issue. Balance, diplomacy and patience will mean everything to you now. Find ways of making people do what you want them to do without them realizing it. Aquarians will learn how to develop a keen sense of perspective. But from what height and angle?

Travel is highlighted so don’t sit at home and wait for inspiration. Find it far afield. Pisces with a sense of adventure will find it in the most unlikely places. Bring a camera and keep a diary. If you decide to try the local tongue, practice and carefully monitor your communication. Things could get lost or misunderstood in the translation. But maybe that is the fun?

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