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Horoscope for the Week of October 30, 2017

Kim kardashianTake a gander at the next few weeks as a bunch of planets traverse passionate Scorpio. Will you take things as they come or will you strategically maneuver? My bet is on you becoming the mover and shaker.

(Kim Kardashian has Mercury in Scorpio)

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Aries are especially sexy and sultry now. Not only can you attract anyone you want, you manage to charm the pants off some powerful few who can help you advance in any of your life’s goals. So be sure to choose wisely. You have enough hot personal oil to baste a turkey. But I hope you aim for a higher quality relationship.

Feeling the need to merge with another person? Taureans can use this time to strengthen any personal or work relationship that needs a bit of tender loving care. Focus your efforts on creating the best one-on-one you can. For those looking for their soulmate, venture out and see who is available. You never know who is waiting for you to pass the cranberry sauce.

Try to get a few things done now, Gemini. You have too many projects on your to-do list and want to be carefree for the upcoming holiday season. For those who can delegate, try to fob some of the worst projects on others. But don’t expect to get away with much now. You will still have to supervise to be sure that things are done correctly.

Get the party going, Cancer. You are elected the leader of the pack and can bring many different types of people together for a convivial time. So plan your holiday festivities with an eye towards a good mix of folks who will take your party from
dull to don’t miss. Of course you might only be interested in a party for two in which case go for delirious.

If you are planning a grand adventure, you may prefer to make your grand adventure closer to home. In fact, Leos will have a great time in their own neighborhoods or kick up in their own living rooms with a few close companions. Get creative in your activities and see how exciting it can be hanging around in familiar places. Who knows what surprises are waiting?

There is nothing that you can say that will get you into trouble now, Virgo. That is because you seem to have the gift of gab. And not only that, you know how to use it eloquently to schmooze. Get yourself in the prime position and make yourself heard. Figure out what you really want in life and just ask for it. Say pretty please with sugar on top.

It may be hard to stick to a budget now, Libra. And that is because you see soooo many wonderful things that you simply must have. Trinkets (and even some luxury experiences) will make you feel good. But try to stick to a strict budget and, if possible, save a few dollars for a financial dry spell. Money trees need watering now so they can bloom later.

You are in the center of attention. All eyes turn to you, Scorpio. So now what? Push though some of your best personal ideas and see what you can achieve on your creativity, strategic ability and raw ambition. There are people who can help you get ahead. Use this time to reach out and find them. Then dazzle them with your personal pizazz.

You are a Sagittarian with a bit of mystery now. There are secrets swirling around you and there are mystical forces at work to get you to where you want to go. The question is - do you know where you want to go? Try to dip into your intuition and see if you can divine the future. If so then I think you can maneuver so that the future will be divine.

Capricorns are surrounded by friends and would-be friends now. So get into your upbeat mode and get involved in more group activities. There will be a merry band ready to join you in whatever crazy thing you want to do. How crazy is crazy? Well, for Capricorns, it might be a conservative romp in a new expensive hot spot. Formal wear is optional!

If you want to get one more step up the corporate ladder, this will be the best time to conjure your next move and execute your plan. So don’t get distracted by shiny objects, Aquarius. Focus, focus, focus on the things that matter and go and get them. You have a sophistication that will get the bosses to notice you. So start to talk turkey.

Adventure awaits all Pisces who are feeling a bit hum drum now. Don’t let your boredom overtake you. Find ways to see the world from a new angle and explore new vistas and people. Travel for the holidays. But if you have to stick closer to home, invite exotic travelers over to expand your world view. Is that what we are calling it nowadays...?

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