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A New Age Interpretation of Christmas

MagiHere is my annual Christmas musing about the three wise men of the Christmas recounting. Wise men in those days were the astrologers. So it was the configuration of the planets and the astrologers who interpreted them that set things in motion and spread the events to the world.

The original interpretation was that there would be a momentous moment that would change the world as evidenced by the positioning of the stars. The Magi - the three wise men (astrologers?) followed a star to the city of Bethlehem. Whether or not you believe in Christianity, you would have to admit that the events predicted by the Magi did change the world.

Also, the Magi brought Frankincense and Myrrh which are religious aromatherapy essences. Frankincense represents Christianity and Myrrh represents Judiasm. It all connects....

Merry Christmas to all!