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Fight the Flu Yoga Style According to Mindful Yoga Health

NoseWhile we at Cosmic World do not recommend any medical course of action unless approved by your doctor. You might be interested though in the following - MIndfulyogahealth.com has just shared some interesting ways to treat the flu this season.


Feel like everyone is getting sick this winter? Here, we share some of our favorite, tried and tested all-natural ways to stay well and prevent getting sick this winter. 

How to make yourself feel better during cold and flu season:

Liz Eustace, founder of alignyo shares this recipe that (to date) has kept sickness at bay. She swears by the "secret" ingredient buckwheat honey. Its dark color means it’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Buckwheat honey is a completely natural way to soothe a sore throat, is great for kids and tastes sweet, too!

Flu fighting recipe


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