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The New York Times is Obsessed With Astrology

Zodiac signsMaybe it's because it is the dawn of a new year, but I have found that the New York Times is running more and more articles on astrology.

Not a horoscope, but a series of different looks at how astrology is in our lives. From an astrology themed bar in Brooklyn to the new astrologer of the Daily News to the power of astrology on the internet.

The conclusion is that astrology is trendy again, especially with coveted Millennials. I ask, was it ever not trendy?? Astrology was very popular in the late 1960s (Remember The 5th Dimension's Age of Aquarius?)

Or how about The Supremes No Matter What Sign You Are?

Some articles are a bit snarky but astrology has been around much longer than the NYT so I will side with the stars.

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