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Horoscope for the Week of February 26, 2018

Melissa mccarthyIf you are feeling a bit more feisty and energetic nowadays, don’t be surprised. The cosmos provides a happy and lucky oomph to everything we do. Jolly Jupiter in Scorpio redirects and a bunch of planets enter Aries. How high and far can you go? Prepare for launch!

(Melissa McCarthy has Jupiter in Scorpio)

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Get your projects lined up and ready to launch as a barrage of energy enters your life. Aries become inspired and fired up. Don’t waste this hot energy on radioactive things. Meet and greet the most important deal makers, make your connections and, with their help, leap forward into a productive future. Then you can plot to rule the world. Heh. Heh.

There will be more activity than you can easily handle going on behind the scenes. It’s time to center yourself, Taurus, meditate and find your inner core of strength. Then you can lift the world on your shoulders and carry it around town. Become the master of your universe and do it through good karma, charitable works and a bit of ESP. You have the ticket. Now travel.

Friends get you to where you want to go, Gemini. You only have to give them the chance to take over and navigate your ship for a while. It may be to a new hot club or exclusive membership association. But is that what you really want? Be alert, be awake and be sure you know where you want to go. Then let your pals expertly guide you there.

Cancers are poised for greatness now and why not? You have been working very hard and are expecting some positive pay off. The big bosses are taking notice. Watch carefully as opportunities present themselves and take advantage when you can. Before you know it you will be on top of the heap. But the question becomes, which heap?

Leos have itchy paws that need to be scratched by exotic and interesting travel. You may be feeling bored and in a rut. But the solution is right in front of you. If time and money are tight, find ways to get out of your old routines with off-the-beaten path neighborhood venues, a new restaurant or bar and some plucky new company to share your plonk.

Sexy Virgos are seeking love and affirmation for the next few weeks wherever they can find it. You simmer and sizzle and can attract anyone of your choosing. But try to be a bit choosey yourself in your love pursuits and don’t settle for second best. The relationships you make now can lead to something for than just a quick flash.... if you want.

Libras seeking a meaningful connection, whether in business or in love relationships, can find (or craft) perfect ones now. The secret to your success is to get out of your comfort zone and try something or someone totally new. You then get a good idea of how you appear to others and what you need to do to close the sale. Maybe offer two for one?

Reappraise and re-design your health and exercise regime, Scorpio, with an eye towards overall toning and buffing. Not only do you find that you have reserves of energy but you also have inspiring help to get you to your personal goals. See what is on your to-do list and do it. Spring is almost here and it is perfect for a personal spring cleaning. Rubadub.

Sagittarians just want to have fun. And why not? You become the life of the party and can command the group dynamic. There might also be a temptation to gamble and take a risk on something fun and creative. Follow your temptation with your eyes open to the risk. Where you might want to break the bank is in the romance department. That might be a good risk.

If you find that you are enjoying staying home around this time of year, feed your domestic instincts and cocoon, Capricorn. There may be some home based projects that could use your attention or there may be a few invitations that could be reciprocated. Whatever gives you domestic bliss, pursue it. Soon you will want to be on the road.

Aquarians are especially eloquent and wise now. If you have been cultivating some great ideas, it’s time to share them with a wider audience. So plan ahead, formulate your best arguments, find new ways of reaching out and present your best and provocative ideas to those who can help you push them one giant step forward. It is no time for baby steps.

If money is on your agenda, find time to focus on your investments. Pisces may not always be the most fiscally prudent but now you can amass your fortune and make it work for you. Find the right advisor and do the necessary research. Before you know it you will move and shake with the oligarch powerbrokers. Be kind when you reach the pinnacle of success.

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