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Horoscope for the Week of March 12, 2018

Brad pitt 2There is something to be said for boring routines. We may ache for a little quiet as Jupiter retrogrades in Scorpio and Mars moves into Capricorn. Forget your carefully laid plans and move your energies into consolidating what you have.

(Brad Pitt has Mars in Capricorn)

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Are you finding that the ups and downs of your career begin to feel like a rollercoaster? No sooner do you feel you are on a new, enriching path than you let the money get in the way. Hang on tight, Aries, and don’t let the professional ride impinge on partnerships and other passions. Count down very slowly until the heat is off your career and on in relationships.

It is hard to soar with the eagles when gravity keeps pulling you down. Taureans are long overdue for a vacation and the temptation to escape is too great. Yet you keep focusing on mundane relationship issues. It’s nice to feel that you are attentive and caring to others, but it’s also nice to pamper yourself every so often. All work and no play sounds crummy to me.

If your love life is all heat and no fire, continue to rubadub until the flame is rekindled. Work and its many nitty gritty details may get in the way of your full attention but try to find a balance in your love and work life and don’t take on more than you can easily handle from either side. Geminis with a discerning eye can get many more sweets than sours now.

Your creative endeavors can pay off so spread your wings and soar to new artistic heights. The juices flow and your inspiration knows no bounds. How artistic can you get Cancer? Friends tempt you to try something or someone new. It appears that you can get into all sorts of mischief if you travel with the wrong crowd. Or could it be in fact the right crowd?

Leos will be forced to balance home and their job as everything you want suddenly becomes within reach but a little out of control. What will you grab first? Will you move to a larger residence or expand your current space? Or will you take on a roommate or three and save a little more dough every month? Whatever you do, make it look amazing!

Virgos are not usually wildly expressive theatrical types but now you can’t help yourself. Consider what you say and how you say it to get people to do exactly what you want. Who knows what can happen when two partying planets collide? Will we see a new beautiful world open up or will we be sweeping up the cosmic dust? Glide around your universe carefully.

Libras can make their home a showplace and the center of all activity. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly (and luckily) find yourself in a financially advantageous situation. Do what you need to do to maximize your profits and lessen your losses. But you might be tempted to take unnecessary risks. Don’t. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.

Do you hear voices whispering and goading you to greater heights Scorpio? Listen to the roar of the crowd. They are actually telling you how to hone your message for the greatest impact. Then tell the world who you are and don’t take no for an answer. This is the time to take your passion, opinion and karmic destiny to the limit.

What you want may conflict with what you actually need. So the cosmos amy find a way to give you your medicine whether you like it or not. Sagittarians yearn to speak their mind to whoever, whenever but try to edit yourself. Even strong thoughts seep out and take on a life of their own. Perhaps you are better off letting your mind and hands wander aimlessly.

You are pushing into the center of the A-list crowd. But before you jump into this particular social pool, check your bank balance to see if you have money for a car home. If not, Capricorns, may find themselves waiting for the bus, clutching their belongings and looking the worse for wear. Friendship is not always cheap and easy, although some prefer it that way.

Your head may be filled with ideas, dreams and apparitions that may tempt you to take a different direction and change your life. But savvy Aquarians understand that not everything they conjure up right now is true or good for them. Ultimately you may find that even a great conceptual idea does not fit into your humanistic, worldly personality. At least not right now.

Pisces are offered a delectable choice of friends and exotic adventures. But you need to pick and choose the right combination so you have the best experience. Spur of the moment actions will exact a price so choose carefully and critically. You will eventually see who is who and what is what. But will you see it while on top of a mountain with no way to get down?

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