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Horoscope for the Week of March 19, 2018

Kate hudsonThe world is full of surprises as Mercury retrogrades in Aries, causing general mayhem. Just when you thought things were settling down, it all percolates and spurts. When in doubt, dance to your own tune or to the beat of a different drummer.

(Kate Hudson has Mercury in Aries)

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You are where you like to be - right in the center of all of the action. What great ideas will sprout and grow Aries? There are seeds of revolution that are planted now that can set you off on a new and exciting direction. But don’t implement anything right away. Allow yourself time to assess, float and ride the waves. Most importantly, avoid sharks!

Don’t even try to keep any secrets. You will not succeed this week. Anything that you try to tamp down will spring out anyway. So just stay calm, cool and collected as any mysteries are revealed. Taureans may also discover that they have a secret admirer. But once you find out who it is, they may not be the dreamboat you were hoping to launch. Now what?

Several of your friends may surprise you now. Did I say surprise? I meant shock. But Geminis have a way of taking it all in stride. After all, they are going through a few shocking changes on their own. Planning a personal makeover? Wait a few weeks. The new fabulous wardrobe you buy now will be used for scarecrow dressing later.

You are patient and have worked too hard and long not to reap your just rewards. But take a break while your corporate goal post moves further away. Cancers are apt to derail their current progress as they voice their displeasure and frustration. You will be given plenty of opportunity to right a few wrongs later. For now, chill out and pass the ice tea.

They say travel is broadening. They say that there is nothing quite so thrilling as the lure of the chase. Well put two and two together, Leo, and see how it all adds up. The fates can stir up a veritable pea fog of intrigue, murky adventures and faraway thrills. Sounds like fun! But be prepared for anything! Pack a toothbrush and a sleeping bag for two ... or more.

You now have an orgy of choices and decisions. But you may find that vague professional opportunities (especially regarding money) are not what they seem to be. You may be required to compromise. How much is up to you. Frankly, Virgo, you are too busy focusing on your sex life to give any attention to your career. But it might be good to find time for both.

Libras may learn a few valuable lessons in achieving balance in their most important relationships. There may be a few surprises in your usual routine. What you have always thought was true, may no longer be so. The aftershocks may jostle your domestic agenda. Things will rock and roll. I suggest that you just dance along for now. But not the lambada. It is forbidden.

What is in store for you this week, Scorpio? You may find major discoveries in the tiniest and moist minor details. Rather than rack your brain to discern the big picture, become more myopic. But while you are concentrating on one thing, don’t be surprised if you are tossed for another. It’s a trip to the moon on gossamer wings so pack a soft pillow.

Sagittarians are in for an artistic time. Stop, look and listen to your muse and try some creative projects before your great ideas dry up like a mental prune. And spread all your romantic energy around, lover. There is ample opportunity to get a few sexy jolts when you increase your voltage. Plug in and shine your light. But don’t make it a strobe.

Capricorns should expect a few surprises in their home life this week. Your best laid plans could be tossed into the cuisinart of fate and wind up mushy. So try to avoid any rash decisions that will involved too much effort for too little impact. Let any irritating family relationship stew a little longer. You never know - some people can change... or not.

If you find that you are less diplomatic and are tempted to call it as you see it, chalk it up to stress and pressure. Aquarians usually cannot abide by deception and outright lies especially on the job and now you are reaching a tipping point. Rather than bite your tongue, try diplomacy. You will surprised at how eloquent you can be when you are all fired up.

If there was ever a time to hold on to your cash and be a bit stingy, this is that time. The fates are tempting you to squander all your hard earned dough on nonsense. Well, maybe not total nonsense but on trifles. Pisces are on a tear: feckless fun, hard charging antics and monstrous mornings after. Will they give you cab fare in the morning? They’ll need to!

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