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Horoscope for the Week of April 30, 2018

Robert pattinsonA cavalcade of planets roam through bullish Taurus which means that we can be a bit more stubborn about certain things now. But we can also find great enjoyment in the basic life positions - wine, food and relaxation. Don’t move from your position!

(Robert Pattinson has Sun in Taurus)

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Aries on a tight budget can find that their fiscal outlook brightens as they rein in their more extravagant expenditures. So don’t borrow more than you can afford but also, don’t deprive yourself by scrimping on the small delights that life will offer you over the next few weeks. Of course they say that the best things in life are free, but who are those people anyway?

Just when you thought that you could blend into the background and do your own thing than the world turns its attention to you. Taureans are in the center of the universe, with some surprising results. Try to maintain your poise and aplomb as you meet and greet some fairly important folks. Be sure to wear clean underwear, especially since you are dressed in cellophane.

Your intimate secrets cannot be contained, Gemini, so don’t even try. Your best defense is a carefree attitude. Show them that you are unflappable. And then, once the dust has settled and attention turns elsewhere, you can figure out how to do what you want to do - more carefully next time. Your plans for world domination will not be detered! Heh. Heh.

Friends want to get on your act now, Cancer. So let them! The have some great ideas for fun, excitement and adventure. There will also be a few surprises folded into the mix. You find that your social calendar fills up as opportunities to meet new people increases. The challenge will be for you to decide which events merit your presence. Be choosy while you can be.

Do you envision yourself as the leader of the pack? Any pack! If so, this is the opportune time to make your big corporate move. Leos love the theater and excitement of wowing the crowds. Now you can hone your message to convince the power brokers and sway them to your way of thinking. Planning is essential. Know what you want before you get there.

Not only will your travel plans have an added bit of zest, there will also be some added, unexpected surprises. Whoops! Plans can change or luggage goes astray. Life remains interesting, Virgo. Go with the cosmic flow and see where you wash up ashore. It could be an enchanting island or a dump. But no matter what, you will make it into a paradise.

Expect some ups and downs in your love life as the planets plant a few surprises in your lurid plans. Libras who try to balance too many admirers at once may get caught with their hands in the nookie jar. Thos who are too picky may not get picked themselves. My advice: keep your heart open and optimistic and give more than you get. The payoff will be big, big, big!

Scorpios will have to keep an open mind in any relationship discussion. Partners may feel that they need more of you (or less...) but you may feel differently. Be diplomatic and caring and all will go well. For those looking for a change, anyone you meet now will be not only extra exciting but a bit electric. Will things light up or short circuit? Let’s just see.

Even though your work schedule is apt to change quickly and dramatically, you will manage to get a lot done now through sheer determination. So put on your work boots, Sagittarius and start to finally get things done. You may be surprised at how easy even tough tasks become. Or maybe it will seem that way as you delegate your way to success...

Find your inner artist and let them out, Capricorn. This is the time to expand your world view and create something wonderful, inventive and ground breaking. Okay, if you are not that inspired, at least plan a few zesty parties and invite a range of very interesting people. Who knows what can create a spark? It could be to your love life.

Even if you feel a little antsy this week, you may find yourself sticking closer to home than normal. So if you’re bored to distraction, find a bunch of home based projects that you can tackle. Family members may have a few surprising revelations to share with you. If so, don’t over react, Aquarius. Things can go from boiling hot to ice cold to luke warm in a flash.

Pisces can be very introspective, quiet and thoughtful but it may be time to give a voice to your opinions. You find that even a small idea can grow into something huge. You have the eloquence to sway even the most skeptical listener and make things happen for you. Start with local outreach and start your movement. Make yourself heard. Loud. No louder!

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