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Horoscope for the Week of April 23, 2018

George clooney mars in leoThe Sun moves from feisty Aries to practical Taurus and makes us more careful, practical and, yes, stubborn this week. Let’s take a clear look at our surroundings, personal missions and projects to see what needs to be done. We are elected to be the ones who do it. So let's get moving!

(George Clooney has Sun in Taurus)

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Aries are juiced with a lemony zing as many of their financial planning projects sudden begin to pay off. The fates find a way to reward you for all of your past, careful planning. Have you been generous or stingy? If your deeds fall short, don’t panic; it is never too late to make good on all well intended half promises. That is if they are well intended. Ahem...

There is no stopping you now, Taurus. You are a busy bee whose presence seems to be demanded at every major social event. So take flight and create a buzz. See and be seen to make that first amazing and unforgettable impression. You may also crave a new wardrobe “look.” But the question is, what goes with neon spandex and plaid suspenders?

Geminis may have a few hidden surprises up their sleeves as their intuition is right on target. Focus on your ultimate prize and find secretive ways to achieve it. Along the way, you will find that generosity is key, whether it is your money or your time. There are people, movements or organizations that can use your wise advice. But as the wise old owl said, “Who?”

What is it about friendships now that makes your heart aflutter? Cancers become so overly sentimental that it can change certain platonic dynamics. You may consider changing the nature of one relationship to something more intense and passionate. Thank goodness the fates deliver a burst of reality that jostles your cloud. Think first, act second.

Leos work overtime in their career to pursue the pot of corporate gold. But try to mix a little pleasure with your business so burning the midnight oil won’t seem so burdensome. Shortcuts are possible if you can discern the underlying political rules so as to make all of your hard efforts count. There will be time to change the rules when you rule, you ruler you.

You have room to roam and experience life at its fullest now, Virgo. Get out of your humdrum. You may be travelling more than usual and should leave yourself open for adventure and possible love connections wherever you are. It could be a wildly romantic trip to the moon on gossamer wings. If so, chalk it up to just one of those delicious, short burst type of things.

Plan for a personal sexual heat wave now. Libras seem to attract anyone they want ... and even a few folks who they don’t necessarily want. How much hot sauce can you handle now, lover? Get ready - The cosmos places you in the center of the party. Libras should make the most of this zesty energy while they are in peak form. Or is it in peek form...?

No self respecting Scorpio should be sitting home alone this week. You are given clear sailing to seek your shipshape shipmate or to navigate a current relationship into deeper waters. It’s a great time so shower your intended with attention, affection and lots of frivolous goodies. A set of keys to the weekend house couldn’t hurt either.

Prepare for the unexpected now as work projects may build to a level where you need a helping hand. When that happens , you are happy to discover that you have many more fans and admirers than you first thought. Hang around the coffee machine more often, Sagittarius and catch a bit of stray idle gossip ... or is it a piece of an idle gossiper?

Capricorns are thrust into party hearty central so gather your posse and become a social force with whom to be reckoned. You might also be inspired to try something creative and artistic. Who knows where your imagination will take you? Will you go down the road to reckless dissipation and excess or glorious genius? Which path will you choose? Oh let’s guess...

This is the perfect time to invite a few friendly folks over and entertain at home. Cocoon and relax this week. Aquarians are tempted to seek stronger connections. And speaking of connections, this may not be a bad time to reconnect with family. Who knows what can happen when a bunch of you get together? Things can go from bananas to roses.

Eloquence is your middle name now Pisces. So pour on your charm and overflow. You also have a nifty way with words now that can get people from across the political spectrum to agree with your ideas. So why waste this sweet diplomatic riff on sour complaints and carping? Remember that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Chocolate works even better.

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