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Stay Present with Mindful Meditation


MeditationThis from Live Health Online.

Research shows that people who habitually practice mindfulness reap numerous health benefits. But what exactly is mindfulness, and why should it be a part of your daily routine?

Mindfulness is the term used to describe the ability to be completely present in the moment, aware of your surroundings, and fully engaged in an activity. Those who habitually practice mindfulness have experienced:

  • Decreased stress
  • Better responses to stressful situations and feelings
  • Better overall emotion regulation tactics
  • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased immune function
  • Improved attention, focus, and awareness
  • Lowered depression and anxiety symptoms

While we all have moments of mindfulness each day, working to transform these moments into habits can improve our overall well-being. Here are some tips to start you on your journey to a more mindful life: 

  • Shift out of autopilot. It can be easy to slip into routine when working through tasks. Instead, try engaging one task at a time. Whether eating an apple or washing dishes, focusing on one task at a time keeps you mindful and engaged.
  • Focus on your body. Take a moment to notice things you usually wouldn’t. Engage your five senses. Think about your breathing. Look inward, instead of outward.
  • Let judgement go. No one is perfect! When difficult thoughts and emotions come up, acknowledge them, then release them.
  • Wander, then refocus. As you reflect inward, your mind will inevitably wander. When this happens, accept it. Then, gently remind yourself to come back to your focus on the present and on your breath.

Although it can be difficult to engage in the present moment with life’s constant distractions, taking time out of each day to focus on yourself, your breath, and the current moment gets easier with practice. By challenging yourself to transform mindful moments into mindful habits, you can set yourself on track for a healthier life.

Comments and opinions are from Dr. Lindsay Henderson, Psy. D., alone. She is a licensed-psychologist who treats patients using LiveHealth Online Psychology.

Horoscope for the Week of July 30, 2018

John lennonCount on a bit of craziness as we enter August this week. Six planets go retrograde. Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury all run amok and lend a bit of unexpectedness to anything and everything that we do. Sure, go ahead and make your plans. Haha.

(John Lennon had Uranus in Taurus)

Never miss your horoscope again -- free sign up here. Here is my favorite book on astrology and a "must" for anyone interested in learning more: Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You and here's a guide to the best books available this month. This column is (c) 2018 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Madam Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling astrology book “HerScopes ” now in its 10th printing and available as an eBook

More than anything, Aries want to succeed on their own terms. It is great to flex your muscles and take control of your future. But remember that there are sometimes forces beyond your control that can exert pressure on any of your long term plans. Try to be flexible as the cosmos tosses your professional efforts into a blender. It might all turn out to be a delicious frappe. Or not.

Taureans with a vacation plan may have to review and revise before they embark. That is because nothing will be set in stone. Events beyond your control will toss your sailboat onto the high seas and rock your world. Any global effort will have unintended consequences. My advice is to either prepare for a grand adventure or stick closer to home. TV anyone?

If you are feeling especially sexy and sultry, please check yourself out in the mirror first before you make any big moves. Geminis can find that they overdo in the love department with lots of extra drama and diva-ness. Any light affair can fall like an anvil. Ouch! Yes you can be too good for words. Of course, I can think of a few good words for you anyway now.

Cancers are usually sensitive and caring. Now you may become a bit crabby in any close relationship. You may demand more than others can reasonably give. Or you may be giving too much of yourself and could wear yourself out. So avoid the dramatics and take it slow. The less you stress, the more you will be able to enjoy the happy ride, even with detours.

Don’t work too hard now, Leo. You could be wasting your energies on things that will only sap your strength. As much as you want to be the hero, there are some situations that you simply cannot resolve at this time. You always give the impression of being strong, confident and resilient. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and let things unfold without you.

Fun may take on a crazy fun house hue now, Virgo. Anything that you first think of as a happy, creative retreat may turn into a slog of effort or frustrating artistic block. Don’t even try to push your muse any further than it will go. Be content with enjoying the quiet of a blank mind and restful spirit. There will be plenty of time to party hearty later.

Your home life is usually a lovely retreat but not for the next few weeks, Libra. In fact there may be some unexpected chores, repairs or events that make your home an epicenter of frenetic activity. Some may welcome the excitement, but don’t expect to get much done at this time. Let the beehive hum. But don’t go crazy trying to collect the honey.

Scorpios think they know exactly what strategic or insightful thing to say that miraculously saves the day and maneuver around problems. Ah, but not now. It seems that even your most mild observations can set people’s hair on fire. So why boss the course? Why even get involved? Pull back and let others kvetch. Read a good book in your hammock.

As much as you enjoy a good time, anything fun or frivolous that you want to do now will have an unexpected hefty price tag attached to it. But don’t feel like you have to suffer or deprive yourself, Sagittarius. The secret to your success will be to do what you want with fiscal limits. Keep your eye on the budget and see if you can grab a discount here and there.

If you have any important meetings in the next few weeks, do whatever you can to prepare for them. Practice in the mirror. Choose your appearance carefully. There will be no room for error and nothing should be taken for granted. First impressions will be lasting impressions, Capricorn. So try not to make too deep a first impression. Ouch.

As much as you would like to chill and meditate, there will be times when it is just too hard to zen out. In addition, your intuition works overtime, Aquarius, where you imagine things that are just not there. Don’t sweat it or worry about it. This too shall pass. In the meantime, turn your efforts on more physical activities and get your mind off things.

Your social life goes from a light breeze into a hurricane of activity. But when is too much too, too much, Pisces? Everyone wants to be with you. You get many more invitations that you can easily handle. Maybe you should spend more time with just a few close compadres instead of trying to embrace the world. Or maybe solitude has its advantages now.

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Lichtenstein’s blog www.thestarryeye.typepad.com covers everything new age. Her astrology book HerScopes; A Guide To Astrology For Lesbians is the best in sun sign astrology.

Lucky Numbers for the Week of July 27, 2018

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes. So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of July 27-August 2, 2018:

3, 10, 16, 22, 35, 40, 52, 75

There are many ways to delve into your own consciousness to find luck and intuition. Try reading Dream Power/Improve Your Luck (Super Strength Series) and see if your dreams give you any clues and premonitions. Here's a guide to the best books available this month

Mercury Retrograde on July 26, 2018

A big thank you to astrologer Felissa Rose for her assessment of the upcoming Mercury retrograde:




For the second time in 2018 on Thursday, July 26, the planet Mercury will be going retrograde.   Mercury goes retrograde three times each year, this year the first was in March and April, and the last will be November 16 thru December 6.   The coming one begins on July 26 at 1:04 am EDT in 23 degrees 27 minutes of Leo.  It ends on August 19 at 12:26 am EDT in 11 degrees 31 minutes of Leo when Mercury turns direct.

During the entire time that Mercury is retrograde both the Sun and Mercury will be transiting Leo.    Leo is the sign of self-expression and creativity and this would be a favorable time to work on what you enjoy doing.  The retrograde will slow you down a bit, tending to make you reflect on what you hope to accomplish.  Retrograde energy is internalized and whatever it brings out needs to reflect both what one feels internally as well as expresses externally.   Whatever one creates, musically, artistically or through writing needs to satisfy a deeper resonance during Mercury retrograde periods.   Many writers were born with this position as they often repeatedly go over their thoughts and ideas before or when they are actually doing the writing.   

Mercury is about connections both in and out of the body.   This includes the way ideas are shared with people, thoughts processed in one’s mind, as well as the working of different equipment.   It rules all types of tubes and with the planet Uranus, which is the higher octave of Mercury, circuits.  Some of these circuits include the human nervous system, passages that transmit the fluids in the human body, and the pipelines that move oil and gas from one area to another.   In these areas, especially mechanical ones, problems are more apt to take place while Mercury is retrograde. 

If possible while Mercury is retrograde, avoid any type of medical tests and procedures.   If emergencies occur, they must be dealt with, but if you have a choice put it off till Mercury and if possible, Mars is no longer retrograde.   Mars has been retrograde since June 26 and won’t be going direct until August 27, at 10:06 am EDT.  This is the planet that rules surgery and if it would be a good idea to delay it, if possible, until Mars goes direct..  Certainly not in all instances, but there’s a greater likelihood of mistakes being made while both Mars and Mercury are retrograde.  The clarity of what needs to be done is also somewhat lessened during the time that Mercury is retrograde.  As previously mentioned retrograde energy is internalized and Leo, where Mercury is transiting during the retrograde period, rules the spine and the back.  Treatment by a chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist can be helpful to those with problems in these areas.  Mars will be moving through Aquarius then go into Capricorn during its retrograde period.   In the body Capricorn rules the knees, bones, and the skeletal system.   Aquarius rules the legs from below the knees to the ankles as well as the circulatory system.  If one needs unavoidable medical treatment, then certainly go ahead and see someone.   Though maintenance by a competent alternative therapist can be quite beneficial during these retrograde periods as well as when they are not.

So, enjoy the summer, try not to focus so much on work and take some time off.  Expect things to slow down a bit and warm and sunny August is a good time for this to occur.   August is like the extended Sunday of summer.

Horoscope for the Week of July 23, 2018

Jennifer lopezIf the temperature rises on your summer plans, thank the glorious Sun as it enters expansive Leo. Optimism soars. We feel that we can get exactly what we want when we want it. Ah but timing will be everything as the Sun then conjuncts retro Mercury. Now where did I put that swimsuit? 

(Jennifer Lopez has Sun in Leo)

Never miss your horoscope again -- free sign up here. Here is my favorite book on astrology and a "must" for anyone interested in learning more: Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You and here's a guide to the best books available this month. This column is (c) 2018 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Madam Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling astrology book “HerScopes ” now in its 10th printing and available as an eBook


Are you on the A List for the hot summer party scene? Will your best moves rock the house? Check the invitation list and see who is joining you on this festive frolic. Aries feel like party hounds until their tails get caught in a vise - too many parties all at the same time! Try to accept only those invites that you can reasonably attend. The others will have to wait.

Your domestic agenda was waylaid by other pressing issues but now you can divide and conquer. Things settle down on the home front ... or so it seems, Taurus. Try to count one, two, three before taking action and even then, postpone if you can. Things will have a way of quieting down on their own. Then you can get as energetic as you like... or not!

Geminis may have a series of diplomatic snafus as their passions need to be expressed in any and all ways. Oops, did you really mean to say that? Don't panic. In reality, your foul remarks are actually very fair. But why not deliver your gift of gab in carefully crafted small packages and avoid that water squirting “I’m Mad as Heck” lapel pin.

Cancers may wind up splurging and spending like fiends now as their perceived needs may exceed their budgets. You have some grand over-the-top ideas and you only live once. Right? Temper some of your more extravagant impulses and you can still have a great and rowdy time. The secret is the company you choose. And maybe they can even chip in??

You may see a load of new opportunities to strut your stuff with the beautiful people this week. Leos love to be in the center stage. But watch where you step - you don’t want to crash into the scenery! Some of your first impressions may be rather ... er ...interesting. Try to bottle up all of your charisma and sprinkle it around as the weeks progress.

The world offers you a barrage of happy, serendipitous surprises now, Virgo. It may involve a secret admirer or a blast from the past that changes how you look at life. Or you may pursue new ways of relaxing such as meditation or yoga. Are you ready for a summer cleansing when a bunch of your most closely guarded secrets are finally unwrapped and discarded? Good!

Libras find more pals to pal around with than ever before. But brief discussions can turn into misunderstandings as the competition for your attention reaches a fevered pitch. My advice: join new social groups and keep opinions under wraps for now. There is plenty of time to steer the group dynamic to your way of thinking. For now, cool off and boogie down.

Your corporate stock begins to rise. Scorpios take on the world one bloated pinstriped shark at a time so pack your harpoon and go fishing. Spread the joy by making an appearance at any office retreat or event but keep your opinions (and ultimate plans) to yourself. There will be time to implement your ultimate takeover plans. Heh. Heh.

Your summer getaway plans may become a game of chance, as what you want to do may undergo a change of venue. Continue to check and recheck all plans, Sagittarius, and be flexible. Once you get to where you want to go, you will find that all of the stress and frustration will be totally worth it... even if the destination is right around the corner!

Something or someone pokes you in your passionate fiery embers. Capricorns are awash in good cheer and are not above turning up the heat on any lukewarm relationship. But your words of lust may fall flat and deflate any heightened expectation. Remember that actions speak louder than words. And roaming hands speak the loudest of all!

Celebrate the week with a certain special someone, Aquarius. But remember to keep your sunny side up and refrain from complaining to partners about dirty socks left around the house. Sometimes it is fun to do the laundry together ... in the nude. If you are on the hunt, you may just bag your quarry if you are truly seeking a serious relationship.

Pisces think they are hot shots on the job but be careful of disrupting the collegial atmosphere with careless office chit chat. Thank goodness you instinctively know when too much is too much and can refrain from going too far... we hope! As the week progresses you are tempted to toss off your diet and go for the sweetest cookie in the tray. Anyone we know?

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Lichtenstein’s blog www.thestarryeye.typepad.com covers everything new age. Her astrology book HerScopes is the best in sun sign astrology.


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