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5 Crystals Every Traveler Should Have In Their Pocket

 Protection against lost luggage? Good luck making it through airport security with your sanity intact? There's a crystal for that.

Departures magazine takes a look athow crystals can help smooth our most difficult travel experiences:

We all have our tiny travel rituals. Be it rolling our clothing vs. folding when packing, always putting our passport in a certain pocket of our backpack, or indulging in a Cinnabon each time we’re at the airport (we all do that, right?), these specific movements help us feel calmer, and more collected through our journey. And while all of these practices are fine, there may be an easier, and tinier, way to both center ourselves and feel more at home no matter where in the world our travels take us.

“Remember when you were little, you’d go to the park, you’d go to a lake, you’d go to a beach, and you'd pick up pebbles and stones and shells. They were your little treasures. I think a lot of people resonate with the crystals for travel because they remember when they were little kids and went on trips, they would do the same thing,” Heather Askinosie, co-founder of the crystal healing business Energy Muse, told DEPARTURES.

In her new book, Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You, Askinosie, along with her business partner, co-author and best friend Timmi Jandro, explains how anyone can use the power of these little rocks to feel more centered in both their every day lives and along their travels. Askinosie and Jandro were also kind enough to break down a few key crystals and rituals people should be taking part in when they jet off to a new destination.

Shungite: For Going Through Security

“That's really good for when you have to go through the scanner,” Askinosie said of carrying shungite, a dark, dense mineral rock that comes from the village of Shunga in Karelia, Russia. “The shungite is a kind of energy protection. I have that on my body because I want to go through that machine and be able to have some kind of shield.”

Moonstone: For Protecting Your Luggage

“Moonstone has a reputation,” Askinosie explained of the colorful, popular rock that has long been believed to carry healing properties. “You want to either wear moonstone on your body or have a piece of moonstone in your luggage because there is a rumor that if you have a piece of moonstone in your luggage, your luggage won't get lost.” And, according to Askinosie, it’s worked for her every single time she’s hopped on a plane.

Blue Lace Agate: For Turbulence

“For up in the sky turbulence, I don't go very far without my blue lace agate, which is an amethyst stone,” Askinosie said of the stunning lavender stone that allows people to think more clearly in stressful situations. “So that when the turbulence is happening I have something to hold on to and to rub. I could look down on it and it's soothing and know it's going to be okay.”

Salt: To Cleanse a Hotel Room

“We always bring a little bag of salt with us so that when we get to the hotel room we put a little pinch in the four corners of the bed frame,” the partners said. And typically, travelers will want to go for a Himalayan salt rock, which also comes with its own purifying properties. “It creates an energetic protective shield around your bed that you could sleep better.”

Selenite: To Ward Off Jet Lag

“I also always bring selenite because it's something you could lay on your chest and it helps with jet lag,”  Askinosie explained of the milky white crystal known for its ability to remove negative energy. “These are minor tweaks that make the room feels more grounded. When you're traveling, you want to do little things that help you feel at home so that you could really tap into the environment that you're now in.”

Looking to learn more? You can, of course, pick up a copy of their new book, but if you happen to be in Southern California, Askinosie and Jandro also welcome any and all visitors to check out their showroom. There, you can take a tour and even build your own jewelry pieces so you can bring a little magic with you wherever you go.


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