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Horoscope for the Week of September 24, 2018

EminemThe good vibes wash upon us now as the Sun enters graceful Libra. It’s time to channel our passions into playful pastimes and groove to the beat of a different drummer. Turn up the volume and dance!

(Eminen has Sun in Libra)

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Be prepared to cast refocus your attention to on a particular relationship that needs a calming balm and a careful rubadub. For those Aries in a happy relationship, make it even happier. For those seeking a connection, check out various watering holes. You will find plenty of opportunity to lure and land your big catch. Ah but then what will you do?

Taureans go from Party Central to Paycheck Junction where you find that a go along / get along attitude can make work easier. Ride the political wave and begin to settle down in a comfortable routine. You may find that you have more control over your job than you previously thought. Will you be content to be just another cog in the corporate wheel or the engine?

What lights your fire now Gemini? This week you are able to unleash the festive beast from within and can take command of any basheroo party, small gathering or even a tiny coffee clatch. Will you decide to make it a theme event or something more demure? Whatever you do, boogy til the cows come home. They won’t call you a party animal for nothing!

Cancers may find that family matters now demand more attention. Will it be something that has been irritating you under the skin for a while or a fresh itch? Tell it as you see it and rest your case. It is tiring to push your agenda on a fence sitter. Turn inward instead and become a happy homemaker for those who love you. Cook up a stew next week.

If Leos have been taking advantage of market conditions to make a few bucks, this will be the time to tell others of your exploits. You exude confidence and can sell anyone anything, including how brilliant you are. You can also use this time to reach out to those who can offer you expert advice. Take every seed and grow it into a tree, not a weed.

Virgos are now encouraged to cash in on their charisma and expand their area of influence. But first you need to find your inner core - what really motivates you and makes you feel special. Once you discern your true you, take that internal knowledge and apply it to improving your overall life from money to love to gratitude. You have expert balance now.

You’re the center of the social swirl so surround yourself with influential powermakers and be elected leader of the pack. Libras take this popularity in stride as the lure of the crowd can soon become overwhelming. If it begins to wear on you, be more discerning and picky on your mingle and glad-handing time. Sometimes an audience of one is the best.

Philanthropic deeds are amply rewarded as Scorpios rev up their charitable efforts. Karmic opportunities abound and hidden undercurrents are revealed. Give to the community and you’ll soon discover that there will be many able hands to help you in any of your loftier endeavors. Make your personal mark on the world bigger than an oily smudge.

There is a social revolution percolating among your friends and you find yourself in the right place at the right time to help push it along. Lucky breaks abound. Make the most of the moment, Sagittarius. Your best moves must be played with deftness and confidence. Before you know it you will be the decider in how the group dynamic plays out. Play it loudly.

If your career has seemed too regimented, now is the time to take it in a new direction. The secret to your success, Capricorn, is to either find a place where your priorities come first, or decide to play the corporate game and chew with the upper crust. Worst case, take a few mental health days off and recharge your batteries. You’ll electrify when you return.

If you have been feeling stale and bored, now is the time to do something about it. Find ways to make your life more interesting and exciting through travel, study, breaking from a routine and meeting unique folks. Aquarians ache for international adventure and are not adverse to taking a special someone along. Pack the cooking oil.... and the frying pan.

You are at your pinnacle of sexual perfection now, Pisces. You seem to know all the right things to say to sway your prey. So make your best moves now as your emotions are stirred and shaken. What is the best combination of you, me and we? Really, it ain’t calculus. See how it all adds up as you turn on the sexy heat and boil over.

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