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The Last Mercury Retrograde in 2018 by Felissa Rose

Mercury retrograde2Wonderful astrologer Felissa Rose shares her thoughts on the final Mercury retrograde for 2018:


                                           2018’S FINAL MERCURY RETROGRADE

On Friday, November 16 at 8:34 pm EST Mercury will  go retrograde for the final time in 2018.   It turns direct on Thursday, December 6 at 4:23 pm EST.  The retrograde begins on November 16 with Mercury at 13 degrees and 29 minutes in Sagittarius and ends on December 6 with Mercury at 27 degrees and 20 minutes in Scorpio.

When  a planet is retrograde  its energy is internalized.   As Mercury is the planet of speech and communications, people are more apt to process their thoughts going over issues, and basically thinking before they speak.   With regard to the last four words its often good to  particularly do this  while Mercury is retrograde.   During  these times thoughts are processed  more slowly and hopefully more carefully.

Mercury rules contracts and paperwork.  Signing on to commitments should be carefully scrutinized and if possible put off until the retrograde is over, especially if the contract was written during the retrograde period.   Over the years I  have seen both  omissions and  mishaps in agreements signed and/or finalized during these times.

Ruling wires, connections, and along with Mars and Uranus technical equipment, it would also be best to put off new purchases of phones, computers, printers, televisions and even refrigerators while Mercury is retrograde.   If it must be replaced, make sure it comes with a generous warranty.   This relates to automobiles as well.

I moved into a new apartment while Mercury was retrograde.   The power company kept turning my electricity off for non-payment of the bill, which I always paid.  After the retrograde was over it was  discovered that my next door neighbor and I had our meters reversed.  I had other similar mishaps that took place while Mercury was retrograde.  So,  be very careful about moving, upgrading and making important changes during  a Mercury retrograde period

Regular physicals, changes in medication and surgery  should be put off during these times unless there is an emergency. There tends to be more mishaps while traveling, like spending lots of time in the airport due to weather or equipment delays, traffic tie ups and even accidents.  Dropping and breaking  things, are more apt to occur while Mercury is retrograde. 

Interestingly on the same day, November 16,  that Mercury goes retrograde, the planet Venus turns direct.   This is favorable for relationships and harmony both ruled by Venus.   So, focus on personal things, enjoy cooking and getting together with those you care about on Thanksgiving.   Plan your holiday parties and activities, just don’t purchase anything mechanical.   Use the time while Mercury is retrograde to go over things and reflect.  And, be sensitive to what you say to others and aware of what they are telling you.  Listen, think and then speak.

In 2019 Mercury will be retrograde March 5 thru the 28th, July 7 thru the 31st,  and October 31 thru November 20th.