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Horoscope for the Week of December 3, 2018

Bill gatesAm I starting to hear a few ho, ho, hos this week now that the turkey has trotted? Venus in passionate Scorpio forms two great angles - one to feisty Mars and the other to careful Saturn. It will be a push me pull you all through the next couple of weeks. Be sure to push the right buttons.

(Bill Gates has Venus in Scorpio)

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Life will be full of lust, mystery and power for any Aries who has an urge to get jiggy with it. Will you go for the power or the passion as the season heats up? Whatever you decide to do, try to maintain a sense of grace, agility and diplomacy. You seem to be taking on too many romances at one time. Can it be too much to handle? Well you could try!

Figuring out which relationships are platonic and which are not will lead most Taureans to physical and emotional places that they never expected to be. Your landscape is exotic, vast and out of the norm. So try to explore new territories and see who is who and what is what. Before you know it you will get to the right destination... or just totally lost!

Serious work and fun office antics will blend together this week so that Geminis might even consider an office dalliance. But consider the consequences. It might be better to apply your ardor to corporate things that will help your earning power and advancement. Then you can rule and attract anyone you want. Who do you really want?

Cancers may decide to go on a wonderful vacation now as their need for fun, frolic and adventure become too tempting to resist. All is good to go as long as partners agree. Get everyone’s approval before you make any reservations. In that way any holiday jaunt will be not only enjoyable but happily memorable. Don’t forget to pack for at least two.

Family members are in a festive mood. So show them a good time even though it might be extra work for you. Anything planned well will go smoothly and might even bring you added satisfaction and long term benefits. You may also find that others are available, willing and very happy to help out. Deck the halls, with a bunch of helping hands, Leo.

Speak the words of love and it will pay off in boat loads. Virgos may feel embarrassed to express their true feelings but don’t be shy. Your words pack power and persuasion. And you are especially creative now too. See what delights you can conjure up, especially in certain important relationships. Launch your upcoming holiday season onto the high seas.

Libras may tend to use their money for more beautiful and fun items now that the week gets fully underway. How many small boxes of treasures do you need to decorate your home? Extravagance is in the air but try to temper your urge to over-indulge whether in finances or food and drink. Keeping a close eye on your wealth and health pays off.

When you’ve got it, flaunt it, Scorpio. And yes, you’ve got it. Turn up your charisma and attract anyone you want. You seem to know just what to say and at the right time. Don’t waste all of these good vibes on personal vendettas. Use this time to expand your area of influence, build strong alliances and, eventually, yes, handle all of those personal vendettas....

There is something fascinating and wonderful going on behind the scenes and you may be completely unaware or totally missing it. But missing it is not a bad thing, Sagittarius. In fact, your guilelessness is an asset. No one will be suspicious of you and you can genuinely reap rewards with great enthusiasm. Keep it real and see what happens.

Get your pals together and get into the upcoming holiday spirit, Capricorn. They are looking to you for direction and your planning prowess and you will not disappoint. In fact, you will not only expertly plan the best fests, you also have the ability to implement them with ease and success. Everyone will have a good time - even you. Don’t be surprised!

Use all of the knowledge that you have accrued over the past year and carefully see how you can get what you want from those who can give it to you. Plan your actions, talk to the right people and reach out to friends. Some will make your life very easy in the next year. Make up a list and check it twice, Aquarius. You will begin to see who is naughty or nice.

You are on the go now, Pisces. That means that not only do you have lots of energy, you can also funnel it to the projects that need it most. Don’t be surprised if there is someone exotic and fascinating who captures your heart. Thankfully friends will be there with sage advice to protect you from any bad decisions. That is, if you take their advice!

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