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Horoscope for the Week of January 28, 2019

Miley cyrusLife in general and love in particular are full of surprises now as Venus moves into Capricorn and squares Uranus and Mars. Will our hearts swell, burst or break in all of the excitement. Stay tuned...

(Miley Cyrus has Venus in Capricorn)

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Are you a company cog or a freelance pioneer, Aries. You may waver between wanting to strike out on your own or joining the greater corporate cause. Try to find balance in how you decide to tackle any long term goals and personal projects. Maybe you will bond with others in the short term and fly to the highest heights alone later on. Be careful of low ceilings!

A few mysteries may be solved now, Taurus, and the answers may catapult you into global circles. You have been followed and appraised. Now the crowd will give you their review. Take each new revelation one at a time and be flexible in how you react. If done well, this could be your grand moment in the sun. Pack that sunscreen in case you burn the scenery.

Geminis may try to turn a perfectly good friendship into a torrid love affair. Okay... But just be sure that this liaison has the capability to become something longer term before you act. Balance after the fact will be hard to maintain. It would be a shame to ruin a great relationship for the sake of a few hot moments. Hmmm, or is it all worth it?

Partners want and need much more of your attention than you are willing or able to give right now. Finding the right balance between the demands of your career and the desires of your special someone will be harder than usual. Cancers who are seeking a soulmate may find them at work. But they could be too busy themselves to notice your “come hither” eyes.

Travel will have its surprises and detours now. You are anxious to get out of your usual rut and experience more excitement and variety in your life. But you also may be a bit scattered and wasteful of time and money. Leos on the loose should find a practical travel mate to make sure that they don’t get too lost or far afield. But maybe that is the plan?

Virgos are not only fun-filled and ornery, they are also a hot sexy ticket ready to be redeemed. So don’t sit home and wait for a knock on the door. No one will know that you are there. You need to get out and see what the world can offer you in terms of creativity and romance. Who knows? Your spring season may start with an early thaw.

Plan more home based activities now, Libra. Anything that involves dinner parties, family get togethers and snuggling on the couch with a special you-know-who will have added benefits than just relaxation. Enjoying the company of others while also accomplishing a few long term household projects can work even better. Maybe there is a way to combine the two?

How strategic can a Scorpio be? We will just have to wait and see. You have great powers of concentration and persuasion and can now put them to good use in any of your special interests. See what you can do and say to move your personal agenda a giant leap forward. Before you know it you will control the world. Then what? Heh. Heh.

Fun may start to get rather expensive for you, Sagittarius. You are ready, willing and able to set the scene on high energy and get the crowds going on a moment’s notice. Any spur of the moment festivity may sound wonderful but try to check the price tag before you buy in. They say that the best things in life are free... but what do they know.

Capricorns are true charmers now. Anyone you first meet can become entranced with your grace and aplomb. Oh do you have them fooled! Slowly roll out your strategic personal plans and make merry while others aren’t paying close attention. Before you know it you will have them eating out of your hand. Maybe you should wear gloves...?

There will be more surprises than you think as you get more involved in local community projects. Aquarians are born to lead in any good effort. But be sure that you know what you are really getting into now. You can make magic but magic alone won’t get the project off the ground. Maybe planning a great party or event will get others to join in.

Even if you feel very secure with your financial situation, new events may cause you to reassess your spending patterns and levels of generosity. Don’t be shy in explaining your sudden thriftiness, Pisces. And ramp up your attention to your career and other long term goals to estimate the relative pay off of each option. Planning now leads to luxury later.

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