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Horoscope for the Week of March 25, 2019

Emma watsonGet your rockets in motion as the Sun enters rowdy Aries this week. Whatever itch you need to scratch, do it now when your energy is high and your power is unleashed. Zoom to the sky, but also prepare for the inevitable landing.

(Emma Watson has Sun in Aries)

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Aries are a force unto themselves and that means that whatever has been holding you back is no longer an obstacle. Don’t postpone any plans that have been simmering on low heat. Turn it up and get it to boil. Before you know it, you will have the crowds where you want them - in your thrall and ready to do your bidding. Be a benevolent despot.

A bright light is suddenly turned on in any dark mysterious corner of your life. So get ready to be enlightened, Taurus. And once you have learned the secrets of the universe, find ways to leverage their power to do good and charitable acts. Pile up on the good karma points now so you can spend them later when you are ready to totally misbehave!

Friends get into your business and it may piss you off. But actually it will be a very good thing for you, Gemini. You may need a little helpful supervision now as some of your current interests are total time wasters. Pals really care and only want the very best for you. So what if they (helpfully) criticize who you date or what you eat or what you wear or where you go? Hmm...

Cancers who seek a better job, a new life path or even just more recognition will find it now. Hopefully you have prepared for this next big step in your professional life. For those with more modest goals, this is a great time to reassess where you want to go in life and what you need to do to get there. Today the row boat. Tomorrow the yacht!

It may be time for an adventure, Leo. Your life has been a bit hum drum and breaking out of your routine will refresh your outlook and give you new creative ideas. Where will your itchy traveling feet take you? Depending on the time and money, even something closer to home will work wonders. Maybe something involving body paint and a red convertible?

Sexy Virgos have their choice of hot times now. But the secret to your lusty success will be in your ability to be discerning and controlled with your affections. There will be too many temptations and not enough time or energy to try them all. For those in a committed relationship, commit to much more shared time together. See the temperature rise.

Relationships are the focus of your attention now, Libra. Good thing too. Partners may be feeling left out or not heard. Spend a good amount of time connecting with those close to you and reconnecting with those with whom you might have lost touch. Before you know it, you will feel much more secure and happier with life in general. And so will they.

Clear away the cobwebs, Scorpio. Roll up your sleeves and try to get a few long-standing projects done once and for all. That can mean work related stuff or it could be a range of little chores around the house. We are into spring cleaning mode as the spring season makes an appearance. Get it done. Then you can kick up and relax all summer!

Anything that is fun is on top of your to-do list, Sagittarius.Whatever gets your creative juices going, squeeze it into your schedule now. Express yourself with art, dance, theater or music. Or plan a party-fest that will get the crowds talking for weeks. You are the one to know and the one to be seen. Create a scene and get known and seen. Whoo hoo!

Capricorns on a family mission will get it done. If there are relatives who need a bit of a helping hand, you are the one to step up. If there is a falling out, you are the one to bring folks together. It’s a big responsibility but you are up to it. Relax and enjoy your domesticity later in the week. For now, become the peacemaker and family wheeler dealer.

Aquarians may have a few pithy thoughts on their minds. If so this is a good time to express your opinion. Not only are you more charismatic and compelling, others are also more willing to listen to you. So tell it like it is and see what the reaction is. Who knows? This may catapult you to higher office or celebrity? Pack a winning smile and a resume.

If money has been tight, you may see a bit more financial relief now. Pisces discover new ways to earn a buck, leverage a talent or receive a monetary reward for past work. Whatever comes your way, don’t squander it on trivialities and junk. The temptation is great to just splurge. But try to save or invest it for a rainy day. Oh, do I feel a drop? Nope.

(c) 2019 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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