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Horoscope for the Week of June 31, 2019

BLUE IVY CARTERRetrograding planets - Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury - manage to make our sensible little world a little wacky and unpredictable. When the world delivers a surprise, accept it with as much grace as you can muster... and re-gift.

(Blue Ivy Carter has Pluto in Capricorn)

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Dream a dream, Aries, but remember to be sensible and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Don’t make any major decisions based on a hunch, especially in your career or long term plans. Also, any serious discussions with family should be made very clear so no one misunderstands. Slow and careful will win the race... unless you decide to just sit this one out.

Friends may promise you the world but may deliver something short of that. Taureans are advised to give pals a lot of patience and allow them to make mistakes. They don’t mean to over-promise but maybe they are not being clear about their capabilities. Your world will remain interesting and surprising. Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

While you may dream of that big promotion, it may turn out that your successes lie elsewhere. Geminis shouldn’t count on any increase in income at this time. Things are still evolving and circumstances will take time to unwind and clarify. But in the meantime you can find peace of mind with cheaper pastimes. Anyone we know...?

So many new things, people and projects are hitting your life all at once, it may be difficult to figure out which of these will have long lasting benefits. Why struggle deciding, Cancer? Just pretend that you are at the beach and everything is a wave of opportunity. Meet, greet and maybe the briney foam will gently lift you off your feet. Either that or it will be the riptide.

Be prepared for something that was previously hidden to jump out from behind the curtain and totally shock you. Leos prefer to control the situation but it will be hard to be the leader for the next few weeks. Don’t get stressed about it, though. In fact, letting others call the action may be just what you need to reduce stress and mellow out. Maybe. Just maybe.

Relationships may be the source of surprises now as what you dreamed would be true, may not be. But that is not a bad thing, Virgo. In fact, maybe your personal life needs a reassessment. Consider it a breath of fresh air and use this time to figure out what and who your really want. There may even be a friend who offers good advice. Or makes a big move.

Don’t make any big promises, Libra. You will not be able to fulfill them in the way you want. Instead, find ways to just hang out and relax with friends and family. Keep your expectations low and let others decide what to do and where to go .. at least for the next few weeks. Career plans could take longer to implement so don’t stress on it. Take a long lunch.

Scorpios who don’t stick to a strict budget will find that their spending habits can get totally out of control, especially when it comes to festive pastimes and gambling. You dream big and start to form even bigger plans. But can you really afford everything your heart desires now? Hmm. Why not treat yourself to things that are more affordable? Yeah, right.

Travel becomes a little more difficult as your plans may change, even in mid-journey. New information may create detours or unexpected changes. But this is part of the fun. Chalk it up to pure adventure, Sagittarius, and remain as flexible as you can. Who knows what mysteries of life will be revealed in some lost corner of the world? Just don’t get lost going home.

It may be hard to just get started on new projects, Capricorn. But don’t let that dissuade you from jumping into new situations. That is what will make your life so interesting now. Relationships may morph, transform or reach a mutually acceptable transition. What do you want out of life? Your inner voice may whisper now but eventually it will shout.

Social events will take up much more of your time and energy now as friends all want your attention. Aquarians will need to make some tough decisions on what they can and cannot accomplish with their crazy schedule. Give enough time to partners and try to listen carefully to their suggestions. Any knotty miscommunication will take time to disentangle.

You make a very interesting and unique first impression, Pisces. Was this your intention? If so, go with the flow and see where it takes you. If not, be extra careful of how you look and what you say to others, especially those you don’t know well. But through it all, be confident. Show the world that not only can you dance gracefully, you can also shake the floor if you need to.

(c) 2019 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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