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Even Cities Have Astrological Signs - Are You Living in the Right Place?

This thought-provoking article from Atlas Obscura is a great way to understand locational astrology:

It is well-established and widely accepted that Leos are vivacious, fiery additions to any room, and Libras are balanced and diplomatic, sometimes to a fault. Sun signs like these are understood as being representative of one’s core personality and most basic preferences, but astrology goes beyond assigning traits to people as predictions of how they might behave. Believe it or not, cities have zodiac signs, too. Denver is a Scorpio and Atlanta is a Capricorn, but what do these sun signs mean when applied to geographic coordinates?

Mundane astrology, which got its name from the Latin mundus, meaning “world,” is a branch of astrology that uses charts to read places, rather than people. It has reportedly been used since the 2nd century, when the Babylonians birthed the first organized system of astrology, mostly as a way of divining information about political events in particular locations. Historically, kings and emperors were known to call upon designated court astrologers before going into war, and throughout his presidency, Ronald Reagan consulted astrologer Joan Quigley for the most opportune timing of his press conferences, debates, and the takeoffs and landings of Air Force One. Today, mundane astrology is not only reserved for the elite, it’s a widely accessible way for people to plot their next moves—with targeted celestial input.

Mark Dodich is a locational astrologist based in Portland, Oregon, a city he says has “two charts.” This is because, he explains, the founding location of Portland (or its birthplace) is different than where Portland now sits. “Quite often with some of these places you can end up with multiple charts,” he says.

Locational astrology operates by assigning cities birthdates—that is, the day and time they were legally incorporated as cities. Much like with human birth charts, precision is key. But, Dodich admits, that isn’t always easy to achieve. “When you get into mundane astrology, you end up with a little bit more imperfection dealing with cities and countries … where you can be precise is with individuals.” Unsurprisingly, knowing the exact time a city is “born” is tricky; after all, there are no nurses present to note it on a birth certificate. But mundane astrologers claim to get close enough with the day alone: “in many cases you can get what day [a city’s official legal incorporation] was done, and so in astrology we use a default of noon,” says Dodich. By casting a chart based on a city’s official legal incorporation date, astrologers aim to determine the future events of a place—like possible natural disasters or successful agricultural seasons—in the same way people use popular astrology apps like Co-Star or magazine zodiac columns for insight into their personal future.

The notion of using planetary movement to determine the personality of a place is understandably polarizing: assigning importance to the way planets “rule” the Earth during certain times of year seems fairly arbitrary, but astrologers like Dodich are often asked to help answer serious life questions for clients using “relocation astrology,” an area he specializes in.

The retrograde motion of the planets, plus the signs of the zodiac.
The retrograde motion of the planets, plus the signs of the zodiac. Paul K/(CC BY 2.0)

People generally seek out relocation astrologers for guidance about where their career or personal relationships will best thrive, with the idea being that there might be a better place for them to live or produce work than where they are now. For instance, Dodich advises “an inventor in upstate New York who’s trying to decide where to manufacture his product. So we use [place charts] to look at places like China, Vietnam, and Indonesia to see where would be his best place for manufacturing his invention.” Though a city’s birth charts are self-contained, they are also used to compare against people’s personal birth charts in order to see if the relationship is a fit.

“You could take, for example, your personal astrology [birth] chart and could compare it to a city’s,” says Dodich. “The term we use is synastry, which means that we can plug you into the state. It’s kind of like relationship compatibility for marriage or a partnership … how do I fit in with the energies of this other person, or this city, or this state?”

Astronomical chart illustration of the Virgo.
Astronomical chart illustration of the Virgo. Sidney Hall/(CC BY 4.0)

While energies are subjective and decidedly abstract, the planets are less so. Unlike astronomers, astrologists view the solar system as having 10 planets: all eight (yes, Pluto included), plus the sun and the moon. “The moon of a city or a state is how the state relates to the people. It represents emotions and nurturing, so it relates to human resources,” says Dodich. Apparently, Saturn has to do with laws, and Mercury with communication. As a native Californian and fairly obvious Virgo, I was interested to learn that my home state has its sun in Virgo too. (Should I move back? Could this be a sign?) Musing on the importance of a place’s sun sign, Dodich says that “a Virgo is a being of service, but on the other hand it can be bogged down in the details. If you’ve ever paid attention to California law, like with their health codes … They have a lot of little details and laws that make people crazy, and yet they’re being of service to the people.”

Because of the emphasis locational astrology puts on the charting of place, mundane astrologists need a concrete way to illustrate these “planetary action zones.” In the 1970s, American astrologer Jim Lewis developed Astro*Carto*Graphy, “a printed-out diagram where curved and straight lines represented the planets and you got to see the influences of all of them,” says Steven Cozzi, a locational astrologer who specializes in astrolocality, a guide to travel and relocation based on one’s birth chart. Lewis’ computer software, which generates these planetary land maps, was a huge leap forward in locational astrology. Astro*Carto*Graphy has significantly lowered the barrier of entry for lay-people interested in learning about mundane astrology, specifically where their personal power lines (the places where the planets ruling their birth chart are most present) intersect with those of the world.

An Astro*Carto*Graphy software-generated map of former U.S. President Obama's power lines, which pass near Chicago and Washington D.C.
An Astro*Carto*Graphy software-generated map of former U.S. President Obama’s power lines, which pass near Chicago and Washington D.C. Courtesy of Mark Dodich

The American Astronomical Society website defines astrology as “the belief that the positioning of the stars and planets affect the way events occur on earth.” Though it is an ancient science, and a polarizing one at that, there has always been an ebb and flow to the level of public interest in it. In Dodich’s professional star-reading experience, people’s willingness to subscribe to the guidance of the planets is conditional: “When the world tends to go a little topsy turvy, people start to really get more involved in ‘who am I and what am I doing?’” The American Psychological Association’s 2017 survey data reported that 63 percent of Americans said they were significantly stressed about their country’s future—compared to 52 percent in 2016—which might explain the 2 percent growth in the psychic services industry (which includes astrology, among other metaphysical services) over the past five years.

Dodich acknowledges that relocation astrology is “a niche market as a branch of astrology,” but did become “very popular in the mass marketing [of Astro*Carto*Graphy].” For those that subscribe to the teachings of astrology, and are planning to move, travel, or do business in different places, “locational astrology is the best tool available for finding a place that matches your goals,” Dodich adds.

There have been no demonstrative studies proving that the planets at the time of our birth actually determine how we communicate, or where in the world we will experience great career fortune. Over time, astrology has gone from being a more religious and scientific pursuit to a novelty one, but Dodich assures me that “in an astrologer’s mind, science and astrology go hand in hand.” The lines that run through an Astro*Carto*Graphy map, like a TI-85 graphing calculator superimposed over a city grid, may be imperfect, as the world is. But at the very least, knowing that New York City is a Leo sun, Taurus moon, is thought-provoking, if not cause to uproot your life and buy a one-way plane ticket.


Horoscope for the Week of June 17, 2019

Jennifer lopezVenus moves into flirty Gemini and opposes retrograde Jupiter, making a light romance suddenly heavy with possibility. Hearts are set on fire in uncontrollable ways. Hold onto your good sense, lest you fall head over heels for someone unworthy. Or is it too late....?

(Jennifer Lopez has Venus in Gemini)

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Any remark, no matter how innocent or innocuous may balloon into a major global gaffe. Tweet carefully, or not at all this week, Aries. And remember, sometimes keeping your opinions to yourself is good short term strategy. You will have more freedom to call it as you see it later in the month. For now, be wisely silent and attentive.

Taureans with a need to splurge will find a needy lover to fill that need. Will you be supporting someone who is only into you for the money? Maybe or maybe not. But just in case, I advise a more prudent approach to love at this time. Be generous but within careful, calculated reason. There will be time to go head over heels soon enough.

Finding the right balance between what you need and what partners are prepared to give might be a little more out of sync this week, Gemini. But be patient and forgiving. Both of you are in a new and different mindset. For those seeking a new connection, expect a few frayed wires now sparked by some unintended miscommunication. So chill and wait.

There are a lot of undercurrents going on at work. Could it be a romance brewing by the coffee machine? Or is something percolating with your day to day responsibilities? Whatever lights your fuse now, Cancer, take it in stride and don’t let any upsets impede your ultimate plans, whatever they may be. Balance is everything and everything now.

Not only is your social life much more interesting, passionate and out of control, you are also at the point where the frenzy may be too much to handle. Take a deep breathe, Leo, and determine who and what you can realistically do. Friends will forgive you if you pull back and recharge. But they will expect you to sparkle in a couple of weeks.

Virgos have a lot of activity going on in both their careers and families. How will you find time to concentrate on either when both seem so intense and emotional? Maybe the best thing you can do is let’s things roll along as they will roll along and ride the ups and downs like a boat riding the surf. Emotions are high. Stay in the boring middle and bob.

Look around and see if there is something that needs a careful review and pithy assessment. Libra’s are usually very diplomatic but as much as you may try now, there are times when your words seem to be more controversial and opinionated. Say it as you see it, but be prepared for the reaction. Sometimes you have to break eggs to make breakfast.

Your assorted passions and deep interests may overwhelm your attention this week, Scorpio. Lovers may demand more of you. Your finances may take a hit so you can spoil you-know-who. There may be some major decisions coming up based on competing interests. Are you ready to express your most private thoughts? Well, ready or not!

Will partnerships hit their stride or cause you to skid? Sagittarians will need to decide what is and is not important in all of their relationships and find the right balance in each for the time, effort and engagement required. For those looking for someone special, try to moderate your approach. Coming on too strong will taste like garlic.

Your stress levels may be higher than normal for a variety of reasons, Capricorn. But don’t get too stressed about it. Your innate good sense will enable you to navigate through it or harness the energy for your own success. The risk is that others may want to pile onto your bag of stuff with their own stuff. Try to stop all of the extra stuff.

You are infused with massive amounts of inspiration now, Aquarius. Will you gently go with the creative flow or second guess what you should do with it? My guess is that there will be times that the answers to your challenges are very clear and other times when you need to step back and take a long, deep breath. When in doubt, mellow out.

Certain members of your family demand much more of your attention now, Pisces. Will you have the stamina and attention to devote to all of these matters? It may be worth the effort as some of the issues, once solved, will make your life much more in balance with any long term plans. One good thing will lead to another.... and another.

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Lucky Numbers for the Week of June 14, 2019

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes. So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of June 14-20, 2019:

1, 9, 17, 24, 27, 50, 70, 79

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The Centre for Psychological Astrology is offering a new online course in Mythic Tarot with Juliet Sharman-Burke that starts in June.

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This online course is presented by Juliet Sharman Burke. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear Juliet explain the tarot live from wherever you are in the world! The five week course will start with a brief overview of the Tarot’s origins. We will then examine the Mythic Tarot in depth as well as referencing other decks.  We will look at the meanings, divinatory and symbolic, as well as the myths associated with each of the twenty two Major Arcana. The sixteen Court Cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King, will be discussed separately, linking them with the astrological signs and qualities as well as their myths. The forty cards comprising the four suits will then be discussed, noting their correlation with the astrological elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and the myths associated with each suit. The final session will be putting it all together with readings which students can send in. Group questions and participation are encouraged. This course will be suitable for beginners as well as more experienced readers who would like a refresher or new perspective.
Session 1 = Introduction and Major Arcana
Session 2 = Court Cards
Session 3 = Suit of Wands & Cups
Session 4 = Suit of Swords & Pentacles
Session 5 = Readings

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Horoscope for the Week of June 10, 2019

Nicole kidmanMercury enters Cancer and opposes retrograde Saturn and Pluto. What crazy ideas will hatch and upend our world this week? I don’t know but be prepared for a rock and roll which takes us in totally different directions. Let’s just get lost!

(Nicole Kidman has Mercury in Cancer)

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There will be something squirrely going on with family this week. At least that is what you now think, Aries. But before you rattle and roll with relatives, take a deep breath and reassess all that you see and hear. The major upheaval is actually going on in your career. Those who really love you will be there to advise you as to next steps. Listen and learn.

Taureans may have all the answers but be sure you really hear the questions. At this time you may find that big ideas, new learnings and far afield explorations will produce global impact for your future plans. Anything that can expand your world will benefit you in the long term but may seem slow moving or time wasting today. Pace yourself for a marathon, not a sprint.

Your concept of money and finances is changing, Gemini. That means that whatever you used to value may diminish in your eyes and that which you threw aside may suddenly appear to be a “must-have.” But before you throw it all away, think about what you will need in the long term to feel secure and even generous... at least to yourself.

Cancers may have to consider the balance between their needs and wants and those of partners. Diplomacy will take you far now but also be expected to compromise so that both sides feel respected and valued. Some relationships need more attention than others. A few kind words and actions will do wonders. Then plan on doing just what you want!

Rumors fly all around you, Leo. Some of them might even be true! But don’t get distracted by all of the background static. It will just create time wasting speculation. Find ways to double down on your powers of concentration and get lots of small projects done. Before you know it you will have enough free time to spread some rumors on your own. Ha!

Party hearty Virgos become event planners. But there is so much to do, it will be hard to do it all on your own. This is the time to recruit many helping hands and make light of heavy work. Friends are there to help you if you would only ask. Anything you do now that is more creative will become a personal masterpiece ... eventually. Keep at it.

Concentrate on your long term plans, Libra. Where do you want to go? What do you want to be? There is a lot to consider before you go forward, even though you are anxious to start. Maybe that is because there are certain home-related issues that require your full attention. Get your house in order and your professional life will fall into place.

Any travel plans you make now should be double checked every step of the way. That is because there might be some miscommunication, lost emails, dropped phone calls and general confusion. But don’t panic, Scorpio. This will make your trip so much more of an adventure. Sometimes a detour leads us to the memorably wonderful experiences!

Love affairs are blissful, emotionally overwhelming and possibly very expensive to maintain. As much as you would love to totally spoil your heart throb, try to maintain some common sense when it comes to spending and celebrating. You want the flame to be stoked for as long as possible. How much money do you want to burn through right now?

Relationships are the center of your thoughts and communication now, Capricorn. That may mean that you have to defer your own personal plans to accommodate your partner’s needs. For those seeking a connection, it is a good time to get out there and search. You make an unusual first impression that will draw others to you. Can you keep up the enthusiasm? I say yes.

Focusing on health, diet and exercise will get you in ship shape for cruise season, Aquarius. You are in top form and feeling good about your accomplishments. But there may be a little voice telling you that no matter how hard you work, you need to work even harder. Ignore that voice! Make time for work and a time for complete relaxation.

Spend your week working on things that bring you into closer contact with friends, associates and large groups. Pisces thrive in a crowd now. Interactions feed your creativity and give you greater inspiration. But also find balance between your need to connect and your need to be independent. Reach out, take what you need and do what you need to do.

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