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Horoscope for the Week of November 25, 2019

Miley cyrusThe Sun moves into Sagittarius this week and casts an expansive and sunny mood on everyone and everywhere. Let's dip into our sense of adventure and see where the cosmos can take us. How high is up? Wow!

(Miley Cyrus has Sun in Sagittarius)

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If you suddenly have a hankering to travel, now is the best time to do so, Aries. You have a heightened sense of adventure and are willing to take a few lucky risks to enhance any new experience. If time and money are tight, you will still find some fun ways to expand your horizons and see life from a new angle. Let’s hope that it isn’t all upside down!

Randy Taureans will be ready for anything sexy, intimate and passionate now. Your engines are revved and you can’t be reined in (unless that is your “thing”). There will be a choice of all sorts of lusty endeavors but take things one at a time. Too much choice may undervalue every encounter. Seek quality, not quantity. Oh, look who I am talking to!

Are there certain relationships that need a bit of a boost? If so, concentrate on them, Gemini. You will find that a little extra attention here and there will have great and positive impact not only immediately but also in the future. Prepare for a happy holiday season now by making partners or would-be partners a greater part of your life. And that is the easy part.

Cancers with a few things to do will now have the energy and the positive attitude to get them all done. You can see how just a little more effort in certain areas of your life will clean up the cosmic debris and fast forward you into a happier mindset and healthy outlook. Finish all work and then totally relax. Meditate, take a long walk or just chill at home.

Leos just want to have fun. And you are full of great creative ideas that will have people amazed and talking about it for weeks. So don’t sit around and wait for the party to find you. Get a few festive events planned and on the calendar, Holiday season is upon us and there will be much more on your calendar than you expect. So get your imagination going.

Allow yourself some time to curl up and cocoon around the house, Virgo. You will not only enjoy your surroundings, you may even decide to make some small improvements. Did I say small? Just wait until you get started and your entire home could be revamped! Whatever you do, make it work for you in the long term. Don’t scrimp on the decor.

Libras are naturally diplomatic and now you are not only very charming (as usual) but also eloquent. Gather your ideas and start to make them into opinions. Say what you have to say, no matter how critical, and you will find a nice way of saying it that will get others to support you. Of course compliments often work better than criticisms.

Money figures prominently in your thoughts and actions now, Scorpio. That means that if you are interested in expanding your savings, now is a good time to do so. Not only do you have a bit more fiscal acumen, you are also finding lucky investments that are based on solid research and good advice. Save it all for a rainy day. Oh, do I feel a drop...?

What is it about you, Sagittarius, that has everyone wanting to be around you. Is it your great sense of humor? Could it be your generous disposition? Whatever flies your kite, soar to the height of the social scene now and take advantage of your added charisma. Too, too soon life will go on and you’ll be back to earth ... but with some great memories.

Your ESP is especially good now, Capricorn. What do you see for yourself going forward? Maybe you are ready for some big moves that change your life in significant ways. Or maybe you are ready to solidify your past gains and create a sturdy platform for future success. The path to enlightenment is paved with your past efforts. Wear sneakers and break into a run.

Surround yourself with friends and jolly company now, Aquarius. Not only will all of this extra social activity boost your spirits, it could also lead you to even more new friends and an expansive network of important and influential acquaintances. The next few weeks can lead you to new avenues of success or, if not, at least a lot of happy times. Your choice.

Although it may seem that no one is watching your professional progress, you will be surprised at how many are. Powerful folks are seeing what you are accomplishing and will soon make themselves available to you for help or advice. So keep on keeping on, Pisces. Stick to your path and full speed ahead. Today the cubicle. Tomorrow the corner office.

(c) 2019 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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