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George clooney mars in leoLet us take a moment to consider Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, a conservative and careful placement. We may feel more knowledgeable and set in our ways about specific things, but our certainty can be challenged by upending events. Be strong, but also be flexible. Very flexible!

(George Clooney has Saturn in Capricorn)

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Aries not only feel especially secure in their professional placement, they are ready to rock it on its foundations. But take a careful look at changing events around the office before you upend the landscape. There may be a few unanticipated potholes that can send you in an entirely different direction. Go forward in your plans, but slowly and carefully.

The world is wide and wonderful. Taureans are set to travel to impressive locations where they can expand their world vision and make some impressive changes. Do you have everything you need? Might there be something that is missing or moving around? Take a flight of fancy but be sure to know where you can land - it may not be where you want to land.

Geminis may become a bit too practical in love. You may begin to think, “where is this love affair going?” And that is a good question to ask. But don’t expect to get a good answer now. Things are shifting in unexpected ways and what you hold to be true, may not continue to be true. Go with the flow of your heart and the cosmos will find a way of delivering.

Solid relationships need room to grow and evolve, Cancer. So that may mean that you will need to give up something to get something now. Compromise and flexibility will figure prominently in your life now. And the result will be encouraging and hopeful. For those seeking a connection, keep your eyes and heart open to the possibilities. But also be practical.

As much as you aim for a healthy exercise regime and sensible eating, it may not be as easy as you think to stick to your schedule. Give yourself some slack in these areas, Leo. Things may shift and opportunities to improve what you already planned may occur. The main thing is that you are focused on a goal and are prepared to do what is needed to tone and strengthen.

As much as you feel that certain parties and festive events are running smoothly, there may be some aspect of it that will need extra attention so everything goes as planned. Nothing may seem as it first appears. There may be a need to change direction, add a bit of positivity or flair and keep things in balance. Virgos are hands on. And that is a good thing.

Any home project that has been planned and settled may be subject to some changes or modifications over the next few weeks. And these will be good changes - improvements over what you thought was possible before. Libras love a stable and balanced environment. Anything that disrupts can be nerve-racking. But keep things in perspectives and see what happens.

Scorpios are often careful with their words and strategic in their actions. Now you may find that your best laid plans, could lay a big egg. That means that things need to be extra carefully considered as the dynamics are shifting and new pathways are being revealed. That really does work well for you, but you may not feel that way at this time...

Even the most savvy Sagittarians may have to review their investment plans now. Shifting markets and uncertain times will make any financial plan subject to scrutiny. Save what you can and see if what you are doing needs to shift. But do it carefully and over time. There could be changes that you cannot predict that could shift everything yet again.

You are in the perfect position to harness all of the attention in any large group and lead people with your great and relevant ideas. But are your ideas still great and relevant? Check your personal notes, Capricorn and see if some situations have moved on. You will need something fresh and provocative to keep the momentum going. New times require new thoughts. So nuh?

You may think that you have things pretty well figured out. You are sure that you can divine others’ motivations. But take another look, Aquarius. The background players may have changed. The scuttle may have shifted direction. Stay on top of things by watching closely and saying less. Then you will have them where you want them again. Heh. Heh.

Whatever friendly events you have planned, be sure to take another look at these plans before you execute them. Sometimes there is more opportunity in other arenas. Sometimes the organizations you want to join are no longer relevant to you. Pisces have a sixth sense about things. Put it to good use now and then you will know which fun to join.

(c) 2019 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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