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Horoscope for the Week of December 23, 2019

Jude lawThe Sun enters practical Capricorn this week, heralding a time of introspection, careful maneuvering and overall practicality just in time for the holidays. Oh ho, ho, whoa. Then go, go, go.

(Jude Law has Sun in Capricorn)

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Whatever you have been doing in your profession, keep doing it Aries. You may not feel that you are making traction, but you really are. Those in power are carefully watching you and they see that you have what it takes to takeover. Proceed slowly and surely. Before you know it you will take over the world... or at least the office. Then what?

This may be the perfect time to escape all of the festive frenzy and do a little quiet celebration somewhere new and serene. Taureans can sure use some down time where they can relax and recharge. It could mean a faraway exotic location or it could be something closer to home. Whatever you decide, make it just the way you want it. No compromises for now.

Hot to trot Geminis have love on their mind and many choices of where they can go and change their mind. Your ability to attract a full range of romantic possibilities is unparalleled now. So strut your stuff and see who notices. New Years Eve is not that far off and you want to ring in 2020 with a bunch of party hearty folks. Oh ring-a-ding!

Cancers are now focused on finding their perfect soulmate. And it is possible now. See where you are in life. If you are currently in a good relationship, see how you can make it even better. Be spontaneous and fun. If you are ready for a change or looking around, check out a few new hot spots. There could be a few new hotties to spot.

What is it about your energy level that has others so jealous? Leos have more oomph than usual and are ready to tackle any project no matter how detailed or big. So roll up your sleeves and get to work. And by work, I mean anything that gives you a sense of accomplishment. It could be tossing the party of the year or painting your entire house. Gee, how to choose?

Creativity is your mantra this week, Virgo. Anything that brings you inspiration and delight should be on the top of your to do list. Life is too short to spend all of your time planning and working. Take a break now and enjoy life. Who knows? There may be a group of friends who are ready to help you decorate for the holiday. The more the merrier! Ho ho ho.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking around the house and thinking, “What needs to be done here?” Libras turn a practical eye on any domestic project that has been pushed aside for a while. Are you ready to spruce up your surroundings? Gather your most creative ideas and set things into motion. It would be nice to have a showplace in 2020.

Scorpios are usually careful with their words but now you feel more freedom to express yourself ... well, calculatedly and diplomatically. You will find that your words have greater power and impact and convince others to your way of thinking. So see what is most important to you and get ready to move your ideas onto the center stage. Start small. End big.

This is the time of year when money is usually flowing out faster than it is flowing in. But there is something financially savvy about you now, Sagittarius. You manage to make a little more green to add to your bottom line. Just in time for the holiday! Save it before it goes away. Make your list and check it twice ... for any over charges.

Capricorns find themselves in the center of the action. They make grand entrances and mingle with the hot crowd. What is it that makes you so popular now? Whatever it is, bottle some of it and save it for the winter months. You can make a splash in any social pond. See how deep you can go and how many exotic creatures you can capture in your delightful net.

There is something mysterious about you Aquarius. Maybe it is the way you move through a room - ephemeral, floating on air. Or maybe it is your all-knowing, deeply soulful way of speaking. Whatever it is, milk it for all it’s worth! You will find yourself feeling much more spiritual and relaxed. This is great preparation for a busy holiday season!

Gather your friends together and make mischief, Pisces. You are great at planning some fun and memorable events now and may inspire others to do the same. Expect a busy and memorable holiday time as you expand your social network with new pals, more acquaintances and a wider range of activities. You are popularity plus! And I see no minuses.

(c) 2019 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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