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Horoscope for the Week of December 30, 2019

John lennonAs 2019 comes to a close, we welcome 2020 with a planetary bang. All of the outer planets - Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus are all connecting on some level. Expect great changes, a few surprises and a lot of inspiration over the next few weeks.

(John Lennon had Uranus in Taurus)

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The primary focus of your energies should be in planning your long term future - step by step. It is time to set the foundation of your personal journey, taking into account what you truly value while mixing in a pinch of creativity and intuition. But be flexible as one path leads to another and then to a detour. Life is interesting and, if you remain flexible, very successful.

Don’t limit yourself to the tried and true path, Taurus. Take flight and see what the world has to offer you. Expand your horizons, learn a new thing or two and see how you can expand your vision. The result could be an entirely new you, full of vim, vigor and a bit of exotic flair. New friends who you meet in your travels could become more than friends. Whoo hoo!

Geminis not only have ample charm, they can schmooze their way into anyone’s affections. And that goes for both romantic and professional relationships. You are on top of the world. But surprises are in store if you are impetuous. You could break a few hearts or disappoint someone who will hold a grudge for quite a while. Be kind, be caring and be careful.

The next few months may have relationship complexity. Some who you consider to be “just friends” may want more. Or it may be you who has a change of perspective. Cancers will have to be especially nimble at navigating around their social circles and romances. Suddenly it can all become one intoxicating brew! When will you know that you’ve had too much? Hmm.

Nothing seems to go slow for you now. And nothing seems to slow or stop to give you a breather. Leos may yearn for the quiet times and more moments to relax and recharge. But forgetaboutit! Life can become a frenzy fest. Keep the momentum going as fast and as efficiently as you can. Soon the music will stop and you can sit down. But for now, keep dancing!

Surprises are in store for Virgos who travel on unconventional paths and who meet unusual people along the way. Spice up your life with creative adventures and take a calculated risk on a flirtatious romance. Your world is about to expand in a big, surprising way. But pack a compass so you can navigate yourself back to home base. Don’t get too lost.

Libras may want to ask the advise of a sage older relative when it comes to making a major life decision. You have so many options and temptations that it may be hard to figure out what to do. The fates could deliver an unexpected love-at-first-sight experience that throws you for a loop. Try to keep a calm and steady outlook while life feels a bit topsy turvy.

The new year will not only bring you new opportunities for fun, it may also bring a new romance (or fire up an existing one). Things can become electric and very intense. Good! That is how Scorpios like it. You also like deep conversation that gets to the very core of a matter. So connect with a special someone in any way you can. Even if it only by thought control.

You find that making money comes easily to you over the next few months but is that all there is to life, Sagittarius? Of course not! You also need a positive and harmonious homelife, a flight of extravagance to spoil your soulmate and a healthy retreat to recharge your energies. Make all of these your personal resolutions and try and keep them beyond January.

Fun may go totally out of control for you now, Capricorn. That is because there are some surprises where you least expect them that can catapult you into some important and powerful circles of influence. Try to get in front of the right people who can make things happen for you. Will you eventually rule the world? Who knows? But you can take the first step now.

Aquarians may experience a surprise in a family situation or at home. It may be the best thing that has ever happened or it may temporarily throw you off course as you try to make sense of it all. The most important thing to do is to remain flexible, open minded and ready for anything and everyone. Your strong intuition will find a way to make it all pay off.

Not only can you envision the most successful path for yourself, you will find the perfect way to make it happen. Pisces have some powerful ideas that can change the course of destiny with unexpected and almost shocking results. Are you ready to tell it like it is to groups of people? You may be speaking softly but your words will be magnified and amplified. Wow!.

(c) 2019 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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