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The 2020 Election and Donald Trump's Horoscope

Trump crystal ballWith the whipsaw news coverage of our 45th President, there is arguably no good time to release the analysis of Donald Trump's horoscope for November 2020 without it becoming partisan. But please believe me when I say that I am not analyzing Donald Trump's horoscope with any bias pro or con. I am genuinely curious as to how his chart looks and his chances at winning re-election.

At this point in time, there has not been a Democratic nominee selected. The Iowa caucus is months away and it appears to be a tight race in 2020. So it could be argued that the ability to choose who has the strongest chance of winning the 2020 election according to astrology is still to be decided. Also, with the impeachment hearings in progress, one could say that we may not know who is even running in the 2020 presidential race.

So with all of this uncertainty, I decided to run Donald Trump's horoscope just to see what might be transiting his birth chart on Election Day 2020. Here is what I see.

Note: When I review a horoscope, it is totally objective. And I am not always correct in my conclusions. So don't take what I say as fate and certainty. Take it as just another observation that could or may not come to pass. Astrology is not fate. It is a guide to possibilities but we still have free will.

Birth Chart Analysis

I ran President Trump's chart for June 14, 1946 at 10:54am, Queens, New York. If someone has a different set of birth information, please let me know. Then I matched the transiting planets for Election Day 2020 to see how they aspected to his birth chart. The results I see show a very strong performance on Election Day, possibly accelerated by a surprising global event.

Generally speaking, Donald Trump has a very lucky and powerful birthchart. The Sun, Uranus and North Node are in his 10th house of career and long term goals with Uranus being the highest planet in his birth chart. He accomplishes his career goals (which are vitally important to him) with shock and surprise and it has proven to be very lucky (North Node) for him. All of these placements are in Gemini which is the sign of communication and airwaves.

While it may seem that friendships are more superficial and light hearted (Gemini on the 11th house of friendships), they are in fact very emotionally deep and connecting for him (Cancer intercepted in the 11th house). And this makes a positive aspect to the top of his chart - his public face and the way he approaches his long term goals. Taurus is on the cusp of the 10th house indicating a slow, steady climb to success.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is in his  2nd house of money and it makes a great aspect to those previously discussed three placements in his 10th house. Finally, among the strong points of his chart, his center of power - the Vertex, makes an excellent aspect to the top of his chart as well.

The negatives are few. in the 12th house of self-undoing and hidden things, Mars the planet of action, energy and fight, squares the top of his chart. So there are actions that he undertakes as well as actions taken by hidden enemies, that can upend his career success. But this same Mars placement makes a great aspect to his natal moon (emotions) in his 4th house of family. So I would assume that family can get him out of his biggest problems in this area. And this Moon also makes a great aspect to his Jupiter in the 2nd house of money. Finally, His Mercury in the 11th house of friends makes a harsh aspect to his Neptune in the 2nd. To me that means that friends may cost him money or he can be swayed by certain friendships based on wishful thinking. 

2020 Election Transits

I plotted all of the outer planet transits to this birth chart for Election Day 2020 and what I see is a strong day for Trump, should he run. Three major planets - Saturn (life lessons and challenges), Jupiter (luck and expansion) and Pluto (volcanic change and personal power) are making beneficial (trine) aspects to the top of his chart (long term plans and his public face). These planets in careful Capricorn are also empowering (conjuncting) his natal Vertex, a power point in the chart, that is also making an excellent aspect to the top of his chart.

But a word of caution - Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises is transiting the top of his birth chart on Election Day on the 9th house of international activities. Does this mean a shocking attack? Or is it that something he is working on with other countries dramatically shifts?

I would say that the stars seem aligned for a Trump re-election. It might be interesting to review a relocation charge for the President in Washington DC on Election Day.Or, if he is in another location like Palm Beach, run a relocation chart for that place. But that is another blog post....









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