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Horoscope for the Week of January 13, 2020

Justin bieberThis may be the time of year when our emotions run high. Feeling a bit mushier than usual? Chalk it up to Venus in Pisces which makes us especially romantic and a bit intuitive. Use it or lose it!

(Justin Bieber has Venus in Pisces)

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Dream a dream and see where it leads you, Aries. Your heart is in another world where romance and true love reigns supreme. But try to b e a little bit more practical before you lose yourself in the moment. Some people may be possible true loves but others are just time wasters. It is okay to have your head in the stars but still try to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Taureans my mix up love with friendship now as some of your pals may want a relationship with you that is a bit more passionate. Are you up for all of the complications? Before you take that leap of faith, be sure that your heart is ready. Then if so, take a calculated risk and see where this magic moment can lead. Who knows what can happen?

They love you at work, Gemini. Your efforts are being noticed and appreciated. It’s time to turn up your charm and unleash your charisma to get what you really want in your career. Have a great idea or two? Let the powerbrokers hear what you have to say. You are brilliant, strategic and ambitious. Whoo hoo! Today the cubicle. Tomorrow the penthouse office.

You won’t be content with the usual, Cancer. The cosmos has other plans. Your open heart finds that the entire world is there to fill it up as your capacity for love knows no bounds. There are many people who fill your cup of adoration to overflowing. Explore your world and beyond your borders. Everything may be closer to you than you think. Ah ha!

Lusty Leos are ready for a roaring good time. The big question si - Who will be around to play with you? I suspect you’ll have a choice of admirers this week who adore you sexiness and zestiness. What will you do with all of this oomph? Will you fritter it away on a short but hot romance or will you seek or further create a solid, stable relationship? Hmm.

Managing your ability to work with all types of people, no matter how difficult they may be, will be your triumph this week. People skills are suddenly much easier for you, Virgo. And that is because, right now, you seem to have a sixth sense regarding other’s motivations. You sense what makes them tick and how to make them do what you want. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Libras not only look great but they also feel great. At least that is what others are telling you. You have a beneficial glow about you that tells the world that you are always and evermore, the beautiful diplomat of the cosmos. So showcase your charm and see how far it can take you in accomplishing any personal goal. Hurry before your energy gets directed elsewhere.

When there is a party to be made, Scorpios are now the ones to make it. At least this week. Get your festive clothes on and find all of the various ways that you can just kick back and have fun. Dip into your creativity, do something totally artistic and see if you can create your personal masterpiece. Does a world size ice cream sundae count as art? Oh why not!

If family obligations become more prominent in your life now, embrace all opportunities to get closer to your roots. Sagittarians may discover something about their family that surprises and even delights them. Your home life also becomes more balanced and enjoyable as you find more ways to brighten up your surroundings. Are you tempted to be a couch potato?

Not only are your ideas beautifully crafted, they are also very practical and achievable. Find ways of making yourself heard and therefore known among those who can help you make things happen. There is a short window for you to make an impact. So what are you waiting for, Capricorn? Set the world in motion with you as the engine.

Aquarians know the value of a dollar and now it is $1.50! Your financial acumen can meet any budget and your practical abilities can also help others do the same. Concentrate on your future prosperity and plan for an easier retirement. Do the necessary research and try to be thrifty to save more. You will need a little yeast to make your dough rise.

Pisces seem to have it all right now - charm, poise and flair. And you should be using all of this talent to make inroads on your social life, your personal goals and your public persona. Become an internet star! Or tour the social circuit. Make the most of your charisma to woo important people and craft a path to achievement. Don’t wait. Meet and greet.

(c) 2020 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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