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Horoscope for the Week of February 24, 2020

Eros ramazzottiThe Sun enters Pisces this week and makes us both more emotional and more psychic. Let your imagination soar. But don’t get too hung up on some of your wilder conjurings. Sometimes it’s all just fog and mirrors.

(Eros Ramazzotti has Sun in Pisces)

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Aries are now not only especially intuitive, they are also very sensitive to new stimuli. What this means is that you will benefit greatly from some downtime or some getaway time to a place that offers you quiet contemplation and renewal. For those with tight schedules, even a few minutes of meditation each day will do wonders. The you will be ready to conquer the world!

Gather a bunch of your best pals together this week and just kick back and have fun. You may be recruited to make all of the plans but you won’t mind. The most important thing to do, Taurus, is to tap into and maybe even expand your social network. Hang with as many interesting folks as possible. One may hold the secret to your success for the next few months.

Geminis with an eye to advancement can make big strides now in their career. And you will do it by intuitively assessing just what the big bosses really want. Deliver the goods and get some good stuff for yourself. For those with an entrepreneurial bent, sit back and find a creative approach that will make a small business idea very big. No, bigger.

Cancers are off and running ... all over the place. You cannot be contained and feel the need to pile on all experiences that enrich your life. So what will you decide to do? My suggestion is to try something totally new - whether in your neighborhood or farther afield. Take a new class, join a tour, visit a new town. Anything new will open up your perspective and opportunities.

If you are searching for love, this could be the week that you find it. You are a wonderful combination of energy, zestiness and sexiness. Leos love an audience and love being loved. Combine the two enjoyments by doing something theatrical and totally romantic. Who knows? You may spur a fan club. Of course, sometimes a fan club with only one member is the best!

There may be one relationship that is in need of some romantic oomph now, Virgo. Plan something special and delightful and see how things progress. Sometimes someone just needs a little encouragement. For those seeking a connection, use this time to showcase your wonderful attributes. You never know who you can impress ... and then press.

If you have been grappling with a particularly boring or detailed project, you may find new and creative approaches now that make hard work much easier and almost fun. Of course part of this ease may be that colleagues will be happy to give you a helping hand with some of the work. The more the merrier, Libra. Some hands may even go rogue! Whoo hoo!

Even serious Scorpios will be thrilled to let loose and have a little fun this week. Life has been so serious and stressful for you. Now is the time to let your artistic muse run free. See what you can create to make your world more refreshing, interesting and compelling. Who knows, maybe a small gambling risk will have a big payoff. Have fun no matter the outcome.

Sagittarians may look around their house and see many opportunities for improvement. If you want a splash of color or something more stimulating, try a few new ideas on for size. Maybe it’s time for something even more dramatic - a renovation or a move. Whatever you choose, give yourself time to plan and check out all of the possibilities first.

There is something interesting conjuring in your mind, Capricorn and it has been germinating for a while. What are you waiting for? It’s a perfect time to express yourself and share some of your more imaginative ideas to a wider audience. If you feel shy, reach out cyberly. If you feel bold, speak up at a public function. The most important thing is to share.

Whatever you might have thought about the state of your finances, your perspective may shift this week as new ideas come to mind. Aquarians are usually practical with their cash but now you may want to splurge on something that simply makes you and others happy. Why not? s long as you can afford it, spread the joy .. and a little dough.

This is your time to shine, Pisces. Not only are you the one to know, you are also the one shining in the center of everyone’s attention. Hitch your star to someone who can take you to new heights and make your dreams come true. It is possible to make great progress on some of your major life goals now but you have to concentrate on what you really want. Hmm...

(c) 2020 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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