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Horoscope for the Week of March 2, 2020

RihannaA congestion of planets in sensitive Pisces will make the next few weeks one of high emotional drama. Neptune, the Sun and a wayward Mercury all haunt the space. Feeling like a diva? Don’t worry. It’s normal. And this too shall pass.

(Rihanna has Sun in Pisces)

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So many things are swirling around you and seeping into your imagination that it may be difficult to discern truth from fiction. Welcome to a new (hopefully temporary) reality, Aries. Your mission is to dig deeper into what you hear and read so you can more fully understand what is what and who is who. And when you figure it all out, please let me know.

Your social life suddenly heats up with lots of great invitations and opportunities. But there will be choices to make, Taurus, as to who you spend time with and which groups you decide to join. Try to be discerning. There is only so much time in a day. But also try to be sensitive to those who you need to defer to another time. Diplomacy will take you far.

The main thing to concentrate on now is how to launch some of your important long term goals. Geminis with plans will have to carefully strategize how to put them in place. Those who are still trying to figure out what they want will be more sensitive to the path to success and the implications of their journey. Reach out and ask for help. You may just get a big boost.

Cancers will continue in their big life journey now as their capacity for learning ramps up. Expand your mind and open your heart to new possibilities now. Your entire world perspective may shift and your need to more fully understand how things work can place you in the epicenter of all of the action. Open yourself up to the possibilities.

Leos may have some intense moments this week. Your expectations of others may change. Intimate desires may undergo an evolution. My advice is to step back and try and ascertain things logically instead of emotionally. It may be hard to do but will result in a more correct assessment. Then you will have all you need to attain full success. Stand back world!

Are you part of the team? Are you interested in a deeper connection with a particular someone? These may be some of the decisions you feel that you have to make this week, Virgo. But it may be that things are still evolving and you have more time than you think to make a big decision. Relax and survey the landscape. Survey it again next week.

Any work that has to get done needs to be carefully planned out now, Libra. Although there are specifics that have to be met and you think you have ti all under control, it may not be a bad thing if you reached out and sought other opinions too. The input from others will help you make detailed project even better. Easy work will be made by many hands.

Your creative juices are boiling. What great new directions will you take, Scorpio? Use this burst of energy in fun-filled ways. Enhance your surroundings. Bring joy to the world. Allow yourself the freedom to express yourself in new ways. Pursue a crazy dream. This expansive time may seem to go by too quickly so make good use of all that it delivers now.

Interactions with certain family members may achieve an unusual level of closeness and harmony, if that is what you want, Sagittarius. But if you are more aloof, you may find that you become hyper sensitive to the actions of others. Try to understand both sides of the personal equation and give people the benefit of the doubt to strengthen connections.

Anything you say can take on an emotional tinge now and rile others up. So you may want to think very carefully about how you deliver messages to certain groups of people, Capricorn. You have the power to change minds and launch movements. See if your personal goals are in sync with the goals of the group. Then take command!

Aquarians may be tempted to spend money on emotional balms now to fill a need. That is not a bad thing to do but be sure that you are getting the emotional satisfaction that you are paying for. Glitter and glamor can take you only so far. Of course, they say that the best things in life are free. And I say that buying things on sale can be fun too.

There will be so many things going on that it may be difficult for you to choose which is the most relevant and important to you now, Pisces. But choose you must. Then go with the cosmic flow of the situation and use your contacts to maximize your own personal success. You have the opportunity to make great gains immediately today and into vast tomorrows.

(c) 2020 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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