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Horoscope for the Week of March 30, 2020

Johnny deppSaturn and Mars both settle in Aquarius and rubadub and chaff. Certain problems may require direct and deliberate action while others should sit on the stove and stew for a while. The trick this week will be to know which is which based on what is what.

(Johnny Depp has Saturn in Aquarius)

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Friends may get testy with you, Aries. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes certain relationships need a shake up or a wake up. Tackle any problems that may arise and see how it might all work out just fine. But also prepare for a fall-out if your actions step on the wrong toes. Take a good hard look, mull it over for a while and then do what you must.

Taureans are great at breaking down barriers. This week is no exception. But things are already changing quickly and you may not be aware of where the road leads right now. There may be one or two things that can totally change your mind or set you in the wrong direction. When in doubt, wait it out as the situations continues to transform and morph.

Nothing says fun like a grand international adventure. But not now. You are much better focusing your efforts on expanding your mind and energies in a less frenetic and more contained way. Seek truly meaningful experiences and not just mere diversions. Challenge your views, Gemini, and then take what you know and change the world order. Revolution!

Get your sexy game on, Cancer. You not only have plenty of oomph, you have the means and opportunities to oomph your way through a love scenario. There will be times this week when you should hold your feelings in and there are times to express yourself in a big way. Choose your thoughts and see what works. Then see what happens. Whoo hoo!

Certain relationships may just grate on you this week but hold off on taking any drastic action, Leo. Not only are you super sensitive, you are also a bit rash in what you say and do. Partners or would-be partners can’t seem to figure out what is on your mind. And that may be a good thing! Count to ten before you act. Heck, count to one hundred.

Whatever motivates you this week may, ultimately, lead you to a dead end. But even if you wind up feeling like you wasted your time, really, nothing is a time waster if you learn something from the experience. You are efficient and pragmatic, Virgo. Use every scrap of your existence to listen to the message. Maybe that message is to relax more...

Getting into your groove may take extra effort this week, Libra. That doesn’t mean fun will be hard work but it may mean that any pastime worth doing will take more energy than you expect. So gather up your divergent forces, be more patient than usual and be sure that what you want to achieve is worth it. Saving some of your energy now leaves more of it for later.

Family issues may hit a boiling point now, Scorpio. So what will you do to turn down the temperature and restore some form of harmony? Maybe diverting their attention? Maybe just leaving the scene for a while? There is probably not much that you can do to achieve a long term fix at this time but long term is so far away anyway. Settle for a harmonious interlude.

Sagittarians are known for their .. ahem ...honesty and frankness. Now not only do you go wild with your opinion, you could wind up insulting those who you want to compliment. Oops. Try as best as you can to carefully craft your thoughts and find ways of relating them to others that get them to listen and consider, When in doubt, listen more and talk less.

Even careful Capricorns can get a little careless with their cash this week. Things that you simply must have may not be worth it or may prove to be less enjoyable than you thought. But the temptation to splurge may be too great to resist. My advice is to stick with a small budget for any incidentals and give yourself a tiny treat or two. But that is it.

Any opportunity to showcase your talents to others who do not know you well should be approached with care and caution. Aquarians may feel like they are on top of the world, but the world continues to spin and one big push from you could make it spin faster. For those with a sense of adventure, this could be fun. But for others, not so much...

There are so many surprises coming at you this week it may be difficult to figure out what is news and what is fake news. Welcome to my world, Pisces. Instead of sweating it or worrying about how you will handle it, find ways to flow through the crazy cosmic mist of life and settle into a zen-like operating mode. Meditate, do yoga or mellow in essential oils.

(c) 2020 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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