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Reducing Stress through Meditation During the Pandemic

Yoga2This is certainly a stressful time. Whether you live in a hot spot like New York City (where I am) or in a place that has (hopefully) not experienced an out break yet, we can't help but feel much more stressful. It is not only health, social and familial stress but also economic, professional and job-related stress. The full solutions to these hardships are yet to be found. But hopefully we can find ways of channeling our stress into productive actions.

Here is a list of some of the free stress reducing services being offered which can be accessed anywhere over the internet. I hope this list is useful and helpful. Stay safe.

Travel the World - Virtually

Open Center in NYC Offering All Types of Free Online Seminars - Meditation, Herbal Medicine, Shamanic Healing and others.

Meditation by Oprah and Deepak Chopra

Yoga, Meditation at Integral Yoga in NYC

Meditation at FreshPrana

If you have others, please send them on and we will add to this list.