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Horoscope for the Week of June 22, 2020 - Sun in Cancer

The Starry Eye
By Madam Lichtenstein

Elon muskThe Sun moves into Cancer this week further setting off a range of emotions that can either spur us or consume us. The main thing to remember is that whatever we do must be carefully considered. Things have a way of going off without the ability to go back.

(Elon Musk has Sun in Cancer)

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Don’t be surprised if sheltering place is staring is starting to get a little clammy, Aries. You yearn to breathe free and get out and about. If you can, find healthy ways to expand the confines of your existence. We are getting into summer and the sun is good for you.This is also a good time to continue and strengthen the outreach to extended family members.

Your communication may become more emotional as the week wears on. A ranges of things have been on your mind. Taureans are usually measured in what they say and careful about when they say it. But now your opinions are not held back and are generally less controlled. There may be pushback but speak from your heart and others will hear and understand.

Finances may become a focus for you as the weeks wear on. If that is the case, use this time to step back, look unemotionally at the situation and further fine tune your expenses. Try to become more creative with the sources of your income. For those Geminis who feel fairly secure monetarily, continue to keep a close eye on expenses.

Cancers should be feeling a lot more optimistic about their future now. Plans are beginning to fall into place and the means to get things done start to become apparent. So the secret to your ultimate success is to plan things out very carefully and reach out to those who can give you the best advice and possible shortcuts. Meet and greet virtually and it becomes a reality.

There are a lot of emotions bubbling up from under the surface of things, Leo. Your goal this week is to figure out which are worth handling and which are best left to wear themselves out on their own. Don’t react emotionally if you can possibly avoid it. Clear logical thinking and slow deliberate action makes easy work out of the most intractable issues.

Friends gather around you in safe, virtual or otherwise compliant ways. If you need a helping hand, they will be there for you. If they need help, you are there for them. Keep the momentum going with your network of companions as the weeks wear on. A strong network will not only give you emotional comfort, it will also provide strength and confidence.

Libras with the opportunity to control more of the direction of their careers should take action now. A careful pivot may prove to be helpful especially in a sticky or overly emotional situation. Keep a calm, cool head and focus on all of the long term goals you want to achieve. Success is measured on your own terms. Not on the opinions of others.

There is nothing stopping you from expanding your horizons in a safe way, Scorpio. Any class you want to take is only a click away. In fact, you may be able to conjure up a safe vacation getaway with careful planning. Don’t let the cobwebs grow on you. There are more and more ways to enliven your life while not taking too many risks. Let your fingers do the walking.

You seek closeness and may become a bit more emotional than usual. But this is not a bad thing. Nor is it a sign of weakness, Sagittarius. In fact, opening yourself up to embracing your personal feelings can feel liberating and strengthening. You can find the deeper connection from others in a variety of safe ways. We all need a bit of a (virtual) hug sometimes.

Certain relationships may become more emotional and clingy now, Capricorn. Is that what you are looking for? If so, embrace the moment and seek to make it more permanent. If not, find respectful ways to carve out the type of relationship you want at this time. And if you need and want more alone time, that is good too.

Aquarians with cabin fever may want to get up, out and going. If that is what you are feeling then do so but obviously in as safe a manner as possible while keeping a close eye on your health indicators. Stress is never good. So if you can find more ways to relax, recharge and rejuvenate, do so now. You will feel much better. This life is a marathon not a sprint.

You may be feeling extra creative nowadays, Pisces. If so, there will be a range of fun and artistic projects that you can undertake that will not only free your mind, tap into your senses and also have some wonderful results -whether edible, visual, tactile or aural. Who knew that it was so easy to create a masterpiece? Show them all what you can achieve now.

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