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Horoscope for the Week of July 27, 2020 - Venus Squares Retrograde Neptune

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By Madam Lichtenstein

Jennifer lopezVenus squares retrograde Neptune this week. We fall in love with love and all of its impracticality. There will be times when our emotions can become over the top. So try to keep steady while your Love Boat rocks.

(Jennifer Lopez has Venus in Gemini)

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Will you reveal a big secret unintentionally, Aries? It is very possible as your emotions may go a little overboard and you share something you shouldn’t. Try to listen more than you speak but if you must say something, think carefully first as to how you want to say it. Of course, sometimes secrets need to be revealed... Decide if this is the time.

It can be a very hard time financially for you or your friends. If so, take a more logical view of the situation. It may be hard to put aside your emotions, Taurus, but strategic thinking gets you to where you want to be. Defer dreams and center on the reality. It is easy to be led astray when emotions are involved. Common sense now for dollars later.

There may be times this week when you reassess your professional path. You may be dreaming of something different, better or just more interesting. There is nothing wrong with exploring your options, Gemini, but be sure that your path is one that is attainable and not one big hopeful dream. At this time, reality will be the best path to your success. Plan accordingly.

You miss traveling, Cancer, and may want to take some initial steps to expand your world. There will be some tempting avenues to take but be very careful of taking risks during this pandemic. Wishing won’t make things safer. Find ways of exploring remotely and maybe even with virtual technology. Or even enjoy your previous trips on video.

Emotions can run higher than usual, Leo as friends reach out to you. They may seek your advice on a range of heavy and dramatic subjects.You can be a sage, a wise advisor or even just a sympathetic ear. Be as patient as you can be and hear them out. But your advice should be more practical and a bit no nonsense now. Be strong to be kind.

Will you be able to spend time with partners and still be able to juggle the responsibilities of your job, Virgo? Emotions may run high as your attention can be diverted and time spent on a variety of things. Balance is important, if you can manage it, But if things become tight,share your feelings with those close to you. They may have the perfect solution.

You have a lot to do on your “to do” list, Libra. How will you prioritize all of these competing jobs? Don’t over react and try not to base your decisions on emotions alone. Make practical decisions as to what needs to be done and at what time. The squeakiest wheel doesn’t always need the most attention first. Sometimes it’s the quiet stuff...

Fun may take on an unusual level of intensity now, Scorpio. Anything that you may try to do to relax may wind up to be more work than you first expected. If you are finding yourself getting more stressed and emotional, try to take a step back from that activity and find something else to do that brings your more restful pleasure. Give yourself time to decompress.

Family relationships may bring on a bit more emotional stress now, Sagittarius. Maybe it is the stress of the times but it seems everyone has their own opinion of the exact same events. Lower the heat if you can and try to take things slowly. The secret is to not over react, especially where especially close relatives are concerned. Lower the temperature with ice cream.

Are you finding that there are some people who are not listening to you when they should? Your careful instructions might be ignored or overlooked. But don’t get antsy, Capricorn. Do the best you can to smooth out any rough situation and then sit back and see how it all plays out. You shouldn’t push more than you absolutely need to. They will learn.

You may be looking for some relaxing outlets as the past few months have been stressful and confining. Go for it, Aquarius, but do it in a more practical and safe manner. It is still not the time to take any unnecessary risks, especially financial ones. You will find a lot of fun things to do that don’t break the bank. Do they still say that the best things in life are free? Yes!

You may not know what type of first impression you are making on people this week, Pisces. But that is okay. You have supporters who know you well and are rooting for your success. This may be an especially imaginative time for you when your entire appearance can change dramatically. Maybe that is what happens when you cut your own hair...

(c) 2020 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. The  best astrology sun sign book is HerScopes


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