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Horoscope for the Week of August 24, 2020 - Sun Enters Virgo

The Starry Eye
By Madam Lichtenstein

Cameron-diaz-picture-001The Sun moves from Leo to Virgo, giving us more grounding and practicality in many areas of our lives. What needs to be done? Whatever it is, now is the time to do it.

(Cameron Diaz has Sun in Virgo)

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Concentrate on your health and well being, Aries. Obviously continue to take extra precautions during the pandemic but also check your diet and exercise regimes for any opportunity to improve. You will find that you have even more energy and tenacity than usual and are especially productive. Before you know it your efforts will be prize winning.

Romance is on the agenda now as your flirtatious talents come to the fore. Who do you have your sights on, Taurus? How festive can you make the safe encounter? You have extra charisma now. Make it count in a range of places with a range of people. You might also try your luck on some low risk endeavor. Do it as long as it is within range and fun.

If you have been feeling vulnerable, the cosmos will infuse you with courage this week, Gemini. Focus on your personal security and the goal of getting yourself into a position of strength and resilience. While you sometime prefer to avoid confrontation and just go with the flow, try not to do that now. Forge your own direction - one that feels right and steady.

Your opinion counts more than ever now, Cancer. Not only are you coming from a thoughtful and carefully culled perspective, you seem to embody more authority. So call it as you see it and see how others react. You may not get a full consensus but I bet you will change a few minds. The question will then become, what will you so with all of this power?

If finances have been a concern for you, this may be the week that you reach some new conclusions and maybe even a solution. Leos are happy spenders in the good times and emotional spenders in tight times. Management is key. But also look deep into your psyche and see if there is something in your value system that can use a tweak. It could be profitable.

You shine this week, Virgo. Nothing that you do can take away from the amazing opportunities that can come your way should you take notice of them. The secret is to be aware of all of your surroundings, the people moving in and out of your orbit and the points in time where action is paramount to put it all together. Things that you do now have long lasting impact.

Libras with a keen sense of destiny will find that they have a certain intuitive power that will carry them into new spheres of influence. Find the right balance between achieving your personal needs and giving back to the world in the form of charity and good deeds. You may find that one influences the other and both can be achieved. Ah nirvana!

There is a time to forge your own path and a time to find fellow travelers to move along with you. Find out which direction works best for you at this particular time, Scorpio. It may be that what you want to accomplish will take a few extra hands to help make it a reality. Anyway, there is always more fun to be had in a great group effort....

Long term plans should be formed and decided upon now, Sagittarius, while you have a clear vision of how to make dreams into reality. Not only are you beginning to think more about the future after weeks of self introspection, you are coming up with some good ideas. Test a few with close advisors and see their reaction. Then make a decision and go forth!

Capricorns are aching to do more outreach and learn more about the world around them. Even if you are still sheltering in place, expansion is very possible and can make you feel more in tune with life. Do some research to see what works best for you and get going. Sometimes just taking a neighborhood walk can get you out of your doldrums and into something fabulous.

Get deep into yourself now, Aquarius and see if you can figure out what might be holding you back from total enlightenment. Challenges can be discovered and overcome. Then there will be nothing in your way to divert you from your ultimate life goal. The timing is pivotal for a big, dramatic move. The direction to up to you. But head towards universal harmony.

Pisces should continue to seek connections from others in any safe way they can. This remains a great time to strengthen ties to others and create new relationships where you can. This can be achieved virtually or safely in person but the decision of how is totally up to you. Make your boundaries known but also be flexible to expand your reach where you can.

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