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Horoscope for the Week of August 31, 2020 - Outer Cardinal Planets

The Starry Eye
By Madam Lichtenstein

Mark zuckerbergWith seven plants hovering through cardinal signs now, expect fast and furious change. Some craziness will be unexpected and some we create ourselves. Sometimes you have to shake up the landscape to build anew.

(Mark Zuckerberg has Jupiter in Capricorn)

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The epicenter of your struggle (and eventual success) will be in your long term career prospects. Aries with the gumption to take matters into their own hands can chart their own course forward. But if you decide to let the fates handle things for you, there will still be a needed positive change. But this can also be a stressful, unsettled time as you wait for the dust to settle. Try to chill.

Taureans may be feeling especially hemmed in and penned in. Your yearning to break out if understandable but don’t be reckless. Your specific challenge now is to find refreshing ways to enliven up your life and get out of your routines which now seem terribly restrictive. But any action you take mush still be safe and healthy. Roam the fields if you must, but alone.

Geminis have some deep and profound thoughts now as the pandemic has shifted focus to the basic essentials of your life. What is it that you want to get out of this world? Are you headed in the right direction? Balance what is vital and what is just gloss. Getting the right balance and form will not only give you greater optimism, it will also energize you.

Connections will not only become more important over the next few weeks, they will be the foundation of your future path. Cancers may be feeling more emotionally vulnerable but even fragile thoughts can be strengthened with help from others. So reach out and fortify your most important relationships. Leave yourself open to the positive possibilities.

It has been so easy to put things off whether they are household projects or work-related tasks. But don’t let these obligations pile up too long or too high, Leo. They could become too much to handle. As we move through the end of the summer, the fates will find a way to make you step up and clean, fix, file and build. At least you won’t be bored! .

Your mind may be especially active and creative now, Virgo. Ideas keep popping into your head, coming fast and furious. Write them all down so you don’t forget. Then prioritize them and go for it. This will become a fertile fun period of your life where you can achieve beautiful results. Who knows where it can all lead? Follow your muse and see.

Changes at home may require you to shift your focus to more domestic projects, Libra. Whether that means changes to the physical structure of your living space or a shift in family relationships (or both) are all possibilities. Change in this case will be beneficial in the long term even if it causes a bit of extra stress now. Take a deep breath and go forward.

Scorpios have a way with words. You are usually very compelling but now your communication is even more focused, diplomatic and strategic. So why wait? Express your opinions, hopes and ideals, see who listens and where it all leads. Today it goes through the internet while you are wearing pajamas. Tomorrow it’s the world stage in a power suit.

The pandemic might have brought restriction in your income and overall finances but there can be more opportunities in the future to earn and regain your financial footing. Sagittarians have learned to be practical and thrifty over the past few weeks. But I suspect you will find more ways to treat yourself and loved ones to special splurges now.

It’s all about you, Capricorn. You feel you are the center of the universe and there will be others who agree with you. What will you do to harness all of this attention and power? Find ways to solidify your future plans and projects by reaching out to influential people who can help you along. Our path to success is sometimes foggy but it is clear skies for you now.

Aquarians are full of mystery and secrets now. And that may not be a bad thing. Keeping certain things under wraps will not only give you greater leverage in any negotiation, it will also enable you to get a clearer idea of the landscape in any important matter. So keep your eyes open and observe all of the dynamics. Then make your big impressive move.

Pisces will want to gravitate to large social groups and gatherings now. But I suggest that any social interaction take place either virtually or from a very safe and masked distance. Don’t take any undue risks but do find ways to reach out and connect with friends. It will lift your spirits and prepare you for the time when it will be very safe to mingle again.

(c) 2020 MADAM LICHTENSTEIN, LIL., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. @thestarryeye
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