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Ghosts and Politics - A Must See Event on October 6, 2020

GhostsAtlas Obscura is offering what appears to be a fascinating program on spiritualism and politics to be held virtually on October 6, 2020 at 7p eastern time.

Here is the blurb:

Atlas Obscura is excited to present a lively and intellectually vibrant presentation, with PEN Award-winning historian and occult scholar Mitch Horowitz, who will explore the little known historical ties between alternative spirituality and radical politics!

During this hour-long presentation, Mitch will dig into the connection between Spiritualism and the emergence of suffragism; the magickal system of hoodoo in the life of abolitionist hero Frederick Douglass; the trance medium who became America’s first female presidential candidate; the mind-power metaphysics of black nationalist pioneer Marcus Garvey; the socialist author behind “The Science of Getting Rich;” and more! Mitch unveils not only our shared secret history, but how occult figures and thought systems have shaped our response to the current moment. This is edge-of-your seat history—veritable and unknown.

Only $10. Order your tickets here.





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