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Mars Retrograde 2020 From Felissa Rose

                                MARS RETROGRADE – FALL 2020 By Felissa Rose

Unlike Mercury which goes retrograde  three times each year,   Mars turns retrograde approximately every two years.  From the perspective of the Earth,  a retrograde planet appears to go backwards, but only because of its position at the time in relationship to the Sun and Earth.    Mars will be going retrograde on September 9th at 6:24 pm EDT at 28 degrees and 8 minutes of Aries and turn direct at 7:37 pm EST on November 13th at 15 degrees and 14 minutes of Aries.   It goes back to 28 degrees and 8 minutes of Aries on December 9th

Mars rules, movement, and action.   It’s how we move around and get things done.   It defines the way we also move our body.  It has been stationary through much of August, close to where it will be going retrograde and will continue to be in Aries until January 6, 2021.   Like all stationary planets it’s particularly strong when in that position.  This can lead to  a slowing down in activities and even frustration for people  participating in group or even sports with one other individual.   Many people need to look at things that they can do by themselves or with those who live with them.  Walking, running, or even exercising in one’s residence.  There are so many work out videos including aerobics, and yoga that one could participate in.    

All cutting instruments are ruled by Mars, including  knives, blades, razors, scissors, swords, scalpels, etc  If using any of these,( hopefully not swords), be extra careful to avoid hurting yourself and others.   If possible, avoid elective surgery.   Although most surgical procedures will go as planned, have known of more people who had been disappointed or needed to return and have corrected surgery when done  while Mars was retrograde.  

The cutting also relates to work done on houses and property.   It would be better to put off any new construction while Mars is in retrograde as it will take more time.  I realize delays are a given with construction, but during this period it’s  likely to take even more time and be problematic.   A good example, is a tale of a former neighbor of mine   While living in a loft in the Soho section of New York City, my upstairs neighbor built by himself a new kitchen for his girlfriend who was planning to move in when it was finished.   After it was completed, she told him that her mind was changed, and she was going to stay where she was.   About a year later the building became at cooperative and the poor guy couldn’t afford to buy in and had to move out.

Aries rules the head and Mars the muscular system of the body.  The sensitivity  in these places will be heightened while Mars transits this sign for several months.   Be observant walking, driving and pretty much in general as Mars rules accidents and acting hasty can create problems.   Parts of cars and other mechanical things might need to be replaced at this time, especially during the period Mercury is also retrograde from October 13 thru November 3rd.

The sign Aries is ruled by Mars increasing its influence while moving through this sign.   The placement of Mars here tends one to take direct and immediate action, and although retrograde tends to slow things down by being more internalized, hopefully by  thinking before acting,  there are many who are likely to explode with rage  that  they have been repressing.  There’s so much anger in the United States now, fermented by the country’s  leader.  Many people are and have been showing it.  Mars also rules the military and will be interesting to see what conflicts and information emerge in this area. Regretfully the one in charge seems to be both supporting and encouraging  conflict unlike past Presidents who regardless of party urged resolution and peace.  

After Mars goes direct, it easier to get things going when activity as well as actions become more purposeful and fluid   When Mars comes to the degree it went retrograde on December 9th, this is even more noticeable.  For you long time planners, Mars won’t be retrograde again until October 30, 2022 and will go direct on January 12, 2023 and come to the place it went retrograde at on March 15-16th of that year.

The sign opposite Aries is Libra, one of peace and harmony. It’s important to look at the sign that is opposite to achieve balance, regardless of which sign it happens to be.   Positively Aries is action and movement which leads to actualization and accomplishment.   It spurs people to move and get whatever is needed  done,  As mentioned, the other side is anger, hate which can lead to violence.  Libra rules harmony as well as balance.   Together they can combine constructive action with a harmonious result.  For “ harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay,” Sallust, roman historian.