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Horoscope for the Week of December 7, 2020. Mercury and Venus Enter Sagittarius

The Starry Eye

By Madam Lichtenstein

Lucy luiWe can begin to feel a bit more free with our emotions now as Mercury and then Venus enter Sagittarius. Expand your love and see how much luckier you will be.

(Lucy Lui has Mercury in Sagittarius)

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Aries may discover an interesting and compelling love interest far afield and a bit different from where they are now. Your days of careful sheltering and a commitment to healthy options is rewarded with a heart filled virtual experience. Reach out, get involved safely and see where your curiosity takes you. New is the operative word.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Sexy Taureans can turn up their heat and cook up a spicy dish. There will be opportunities to (safely) demonstrate your love to a particular someone. All of these many months have given you the time to plan out your romantic future and decide who is who for the what is what. Where can all of your now emboldened actions lead? You are in charge so decide.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Even if certain relationships have been strained recently, you will find new ways of bridging differences and building reconciliation. As difficult as it may first seem there are cracks of openings in communications and you sense a general willingness to connect. So what are you waiting for, Gemini? Spread the love and you may be surprised as to where it settles in.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Hopefully you have not been spending too much time just sitting around the house, Cancer. But even if so, it is a great time to get more exercise and healthful activities going. Concentrate on yourself and what you can do to stay strong, centered and less stressed. Explore the virtual options and start now. We may have another cruise season eventually.
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Let your creativity expand into new areas of interests now, Leo. Just when you thought you had hit a virtual wall in certain projects, suddenly there are many new opportunities and ideas to mine. Some may require a bit of luck or taking a calculated risk but so what? Tackle them one by one. It is all leading you to a fresh and valuable place. Then, celebrate!
Tensions at home might have increased over the past few weeks but there looks to be relief on the horizon. The stressful situation is really at the core of any disagreements. Try to let certain things go, Virgo, understanding that this could be temporary and fixable. There may be some areas that can’t be changed right away. But remain hopeful and keep trying.
Diplomatic Libras know just what to say now to make everyone feel calm, comfortable and welcomed. Spread the love where and when you can through a kind word, caring thought and healing energy. Also try and share some of your useful insights and advice. When you give out your best to the universe it gives back its best to you.
If you are experiencing financial stress now, there may be some bright and valuable opportunities for you coming up soon. Scorpios have good strategic sense that helps them look more into the future for balance, opportunity and profit. So focus on what you need to do, who you need to help guide you and then get started. Luck is on your side.
Sagittarius have an uncanny sense of what people want now. Add to that a dash of personal charisma and you have the makings of great success. You find yourself in the center of the action even if it is virtual. The question is, what are you trying to achieve now? Once you decide that you will know which social circle to enter, who to meet and then what to do.
You have a guardian angel working for you behind the scenes, Capricorn. So take a chance on following your gut for certain projects and see where it can all lead. This is also a great time to find ways to mellow out and find calm. The past months have been stressful but maybe we are seeing a happier end to a difficult beginning.
You will benefit greatly from expanding your social circle now, Aquarius. Try to find safe ways to reach out. Your winning personality will attract many different types of people. Each one can be important to you in some way. There is so much going on online and there are many opportunities to explore. Your charm will bring them to you. Then you have to decide next steps.
As complicated and as stressful as some of your career experiences have been, there is cause for optimism. Now is the time to do some out reach to wise advisors and professional contacts. You have a great reputation that can now be leveraged and strengthened. So ask advice from people you respect, Pisces, and keep your eye on the prize.
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