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Horoscope for the Week of March 8, 2021 - Mars Enters Gemini

Uma thurmanMars enters Gemini this week and makes us a bit more flirtatious and sociable. Use these lovely powers of persuasion to move mountains and make your mark on the world.

(Uma Thurman has Mars in Gemini)

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Not only do Aries sound compelling, they are! Whatever is on your mind that needs to be said, do it. You will be surprised at how powerful your ideas are and how quickly they are accepted and implemented. So don’t waste this incredible energy on thinking of what might have been. Use it to go forward in a big way to re-map your life.

If your wallet has been looking a little frayed and empty, you now find new ways to supplement your income or otherwise bolster your bottom line. But is that all there is to life, Taurus? You also discover that there are many things you love to do that don’t require a big budget. Maybe your value system has shifted a little and you can relax a little more?

Geminis suddenly find themselves in the epicenter of all of the action. You look good and sound even better. People that you meet and events that you join right now place you in the center of all the attention. This is a golden moment where you can establish yourself as the one to know who is in the know. So don’t say no to any important invitation.

There is so much positive action going on behind the scenes, you will be surprised at who is helping you to overcome any challenges you may have at this time. So wherever you are headed, keep going. Cancers are especially intuitive and can use this time to delve into the esoteric arts. Will you try your hand at tarot? It may be in the cards...

Leos may be feeling a bit caged in and yearn to get out and roam the town. Find safe ways of meeting up with friends in person and getting more involved in group activities. It will make you feel refreshed, energetic and back to some sort of normal. You will also be able to find new ways to connect virtually with people you haven’t seen in years.

Long term plans are suddenly activated and Virgos can find themselves headed on a powerful path forward. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you need to influence to help you move ahead? And, are you on the right path? All of these questions will be answered as you go along. The most important thing is to keep forging ahead.

There is so much to learn and experience in the world and never enough time to do it. But now, Libra, you find time to take it all in, learn a thing or two and generally get out of your routine and experience the new. The paths to enlightenment will vary and you may have to be a bit creative to explore during the ongoing pandemic but it will be worth it.

Scorpios have a wow factor now as anything they do or say attracts others. Access your power through your heightened charm and charisma and see where it takes you. Maybe you will spark a new hot love or rekindle one that you already have. Whatever lights your fire will warm you through the next several months, and maybe beyond that.

What is it about certain relationships that now need a lot more time, attention and energy? And are they worth the extra effort? That is for you to decide, Sagittarius. But once you do, go forward and build these connections to last a lifetime. Times, as you know, have been unusually stressful for everyone. Some of us process stress better than others.

Not only do you feel more energetic and productive now, Capricorn, you are. So launch into whatever project has been sitting around too long and finally finish it. You will also be able to get help from others if you need it. Things go quickly and smoothly and before you know it, you will have lots and lots of free time. Then what?

How creative can you become, Aquarius? Your mind is active with some great ideas that are poised to bring more beauty and art into the world. Put your juices to work in whatever area gives you inspiration and joy from cooking to dancing to decorating. Now all you need is the time to do it... and there is no time like right now!

There is nothing as comforting to Pisces than a home that is balanced, calm and comforting. If your domestic surroundings are like that right now, sit back and enjoy it. But if things need a few tweaks, this is a great time to work on it whether we are talking about your physical surroundings that need a sprucing up or familial ties that need a warm heart.

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