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Bad Tarot Cards Are Not Really Bad

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I can't tell you how many times I read someone's Tarot Cards when some fairly uncomfortable cards show up. One of those cards is The Devil. In many decks, the Devil card has a fairly scary image and in the reading itself, it represents problems in the person's life.Some folks panic when they see this card in their reading.

Now I am no Pollyanna. The Devil card is one that I would prefer not to see in a reading. But I am fairly philosophical about that card if it does reveal. I have found that, yes, it represents problems. But they are problems that are obvious. They are problems that you can see (and maybe even know about before the reading itself) and in seeing these problems, you can fix them, handle them, wrangle them and maybe even solve them forever.

For me, it is the hidden problems, the potholes in the road of life that we cannot see, that are hidden from us, perhaps purposely, that are the problems to really worry about. That is not what the Devil card represents.

So the next time you sit down for a reading and you see this horned creature in your spread, think about what you need to do to overcome any obstacle in your life. Once you know, you can succeed.