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Mercury Retrograde May 29 - June 22, 2021

Wonderful astrologer Felissa Rose has just sent me her overview of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. I am sharing it with you now. Thank you, Felissa!

Mercury Retrograde May 29-June 22, 2021

Every year the planet  Mercury goes retrograde three times.   This year the first one was from late January into February and the coming one begins on May 29th at 6:35 pm EDT ending on June 22nd at 6:01 pm.   In 2021 the last time Mercury will be retrograde is from September 27th until October 18th.   During the coming  Mercury retrograde it will be transiting Gemini, the sign that Mercury rules.  The retrograde begins when Mercury is at 24 degrees 41 minutes of Gemini and ends on June 22 with Mercury at 16 degrees and 9 minutes of the same sign.   The planets move from east to west  but while  retrograde they appears to be going backwards.   That’s due to the earth’s position in relationship to Mercury.  These occurrences have an influence on human behavior and sometimes quite a strong one.  Although Mercury turns direct on June 22 and things begin to become more coherent,  there’s even more clarity as it moves to  the exact degree  it went retrograde at 24 degrees 41 minutes , on July 7th.

During the time Mercury is retrograde its influence becomes more internalized.   People become more introspective and like those who were born under Mercury retrograde there’s more of a tendency to think before speaking.  Something that’s generally good to do but which there isn’t always the opportunity to so.   Many successful authors were born while Mercury was retrograde and even if you weren’t, it’s a good time to go over, reflect on and write down your ideas and opinions before sharing them with others.

Those familiar with things that have  happened  while this planet is retrograde are aware of the delays, mistakes and mishaps that more frequently occur at these times.   Give yourself more time to do what you need to and try not to act in a rushed manner for everyone else is under the influence of Mercury  retrograde  and as a result slower to pick up and perceive information and not as open to initiating projects.  If possible, it’s best  not to  purchase new mechanical or technological equipment.  More often during this retrograde period things are more apt to break down and have a need to be replaced.  If you have to make a sudden and unexpected purchase of equipment or technology,  get a warranty where it can be easily replaced or repaired.   More likely there’s apt to be delays getting in touch with either tech support or the sales department  whomever you need to contact.  Mercury also rules paperwork so go over contacts and agreements and if possible, put off signing and finalizing them until Mercury is no longer retrograde.

Non crucial or emergency medical and dental appointments should be avoided.  If you want clear test results which don’t have to be repeated, put it off until Mercury has gone direct.   Both Mercury and Gemini, the sign it’s moving through,  are about information, which particularly needs to be clear when it comes to one’s health.   Gemini is the sign of breathing and the lungs and allergies should be more than apparent during this period.

Mercury retrogrades are periods  to take to take it easy as well as spend more time on inner and personal development.  One’s world seems to slow down a bit and though it’s important to deal with whatever is needed,  it’s a good time to reflect on where you are now and where you want to be.  The world might seem more complicated and confused but by reflecting and looking inward about yourself and the things you’ve done and learned, there can be more clarity and understanding of what and why we’re here.   For there are times one doesn’t value the moment until it becomes a memory.