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Horoscope for the Week of June 14, 2021 - Mars in Leo

Mars moves into feisty Leo now, energizing new areas of our lives, moving us into new directions and generally heating up the scene. See where you can stir things up and shake and bake.

Amy winehouse














(Amy Winehouse has Mars in Leo)

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No matter how uncreative you may think you are, at this new moment you are an artistic genius. Your imagination runs wild and there are suddenly so many great and fun things to do, it will be difficult to choose. But choose you must, Aries. This energy is intense and fleeting. Don’t waste it on thinking about it too long or hard. The moment for your greatness is here.


Whatever family or home based obligations you have to do, do them now, Taurus. Not only are you infused with energy and oomph, you also know just what to do to get the group together and in harmony. Certain long deferred home projects may get started. But also, we are on the verge of summer vacation time. Maybe a family reunion is a good way to go?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

You have some powerful ideas and compelling opinions, Gemini. Maybe it is time to get them all out there and into the general public discourse. There are many ways to have community impact. Start a local movement, run for office, volunteer for an important initiative. The most important thing is to step out into the public eye and shine your bright light.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

If money has been a concern or has been tight, this is a good time to focus on your finances and put some long term investment plan into action. Cancers might even be able to splurge on something nice for themselves or for loved ones. The main thing is to find the happy balance between saving and spending that makes you feel happy and secure. You find it now.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Leo’s are full of oomph and self- motivation. Take all of this confidence and charisma and spread it around town. Find opportunities to expand your circle of influence. Meet as many new people (in person or virtually) as possible to gain further insights into the best direction for you to take to make things happen. Seeds you plant now sprout in a few weeks.


As much as you think you know what is going on, there is a lot more activity behind the scenes than you realize or expect. All of this bubbling energy will come in very handy for you as it will give you a cosmic push in the right direction. Why ask why? Just go with the flow and see how much benefit the good and energetic forces deliver to you, Virgo.


Make new friendships now, Libra. You have more than your usual amount of charm and charisma. In fact, you are almost irresistible. Join new organizations or clubs or get involved in a group of fun and interesting people. Maybe even consider taking a new course of study and expanding your interests. Who knows where it can all lead?


Any long term plans that have been deferred can be put into action now, Scorpio. So if you are thinking of shifting careers, send out some feelers and see who responds. If you want to stay on your current path, do the necessary things to get at least one step up the corporate ladder. You have some great plans. Now is the time to rev them up and forward.


While you may not have traveled as much as you would have liked this past year, this is a great time to begin planning and actually going on a few adventures. You are feeling energetic and full of zest and will be able to find others who are as excited as you are to join in the fun. What does the summer hold for you, Sagittarius? I am excited to find out.  


Even shy Capricorns will have a romantic and sexy rush now. You are ready to go, go, go and just need to find the right partner to go with you. Show how much you care with demonstrable actions and caring words. Make your soul mate feel special and they will make you feel special too. For those seeking, go and seek. You will find.


Relationships become not only more important but fairly vital to your plans. Any one-to-one partnership, whether for business or pleasure, will offer you opportunities to improve your life and strengthen your confidence. So put the effort into reaching out, Aquarius, and making those connections of communication and commitment unbreakable.


Pisces may have been feeling extra tired over these past few weeks. Now you have a blast of energy and strength that can be used to accomplish a variety of long deferred tasks and small jobs. Go through your to do list and do it! Things will go quickly and easily. Then you will have the rest of the summer to just relax and totally enjoy.

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