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Horoscope for the Week of June 21, 2021 - Sun in Cancer

The Sun enters Cancer this week making us more sensitive and interested in seeking connection. Reach out and touch someone, either virtually or in person. Both of you will feel especially good.

Princess di




(Princess Diana had Sun in Cancer)

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Family will play a more important role in your life now, Aries. That means that any previous misunderstanding or chasm can be fixed and made better. The secret to your success is to approach others in a very sensitive manner. You don’t need to agree with them but if you make them feel heard, it will go a long way. You are respected and others seek your approval … even if they don’t admit that to you! Future plans can be made more on your terms.


If you need to convince others of something important to you, find ways of reaching them on a more emotional rather than logical level. Taureans have some great ideas. Some are quite revolutionary but can bring careful and beneficial changes around you.  So plan your course of discussion, get others into your sphere and deliver your message. Who knows where this can go? Perhaps a local political issue will capture your imagine and you run for office?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

This is a good time to focus on your finances and future security, Gemini. It can be an emotional subject but now, not only do you have a fairly clear idea of what you need to do, you know exactly what to say and how to say it to make it happen. If money has been tight, things may loosen up. If you have not worried so much about it recently, you may discover even more reserves for yourself and loved ones. But you have to look and put out the necessary effort.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

What is it about you that makes you so popular now, Cancer? Your charisma is high and you may be feeling more festive and happier than usual. Don’t waste this energy. Embrace the moment and enjoy being the center of attention. There are things you can do to make others around you feel special and loved. And it will be easy to accomplish. Use what you have to expand your social circle to meet and greet. You will sweep others off their feet!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

There will be moments that will make you feel like a cosmic force is leading you in a certain direction. Go with the flow, Leo, and use it to find greater calm and mellowness in your life. De-stress and pull back if you can with more meditation or relaxation techniques. You might also consider volunteer work for a worthy cause that makes you feel happier and good about yourself. This is a self-care time for you. The benefits that manifest this week can last for a long time.


If you have been feeling a little isolated (and who hasn’t recently) this could be an excellent time to make an effort to reach out and connect or re-connect with others. This can be done virtually or in person with great success. Any contact can give you an emotional boost and prepare you for a (new) normal in your social life. So don’t be shy, Virgo. This can be a wonderfully fulfilling time where plans for the future can be made and started with friends.


Review what you really need from your career and see if you are on the right path, Libra. You can now carefully and critically survey the landscape and can make the best decisions as to what you need to do to get to where you want to be professionally. Is a change of direction in your future? If so, you will find the emotional strength and support to do what you have to do. All roads can lead to success. All you have to do is navigate the signs.


Expand your knowledge of a particularly interesting subject, Scorpio. It will not only open up your mind to new possibilities, it will take you out of any hum drum feelings and spark your imagination. Doing the same thing day after day has been wearing and might have sapped you of your enthusiasm. So break out of your routine. You may also want to plan a fun getaway or vacation. It has been too long and you deserve a relaxing respite.


Zesty Sagittarians may find that their love life gets a boost now. You are full of romance and filled with optimism and are raring to get out there and make your moves. If you are in a love relationship, make the bonds stronger with emotional and physical comfort. If you are seeking a soulmate, use this time to reach out. Others are attracted to you and you may have a choice of who, when and where. The most important thing is to get out there.


Relationships – whether business, friends, family or love - become much more important to you now, Capricorn. They can give you a clear sense of your place in the world and offer you security, life balance and comfort. So see which ones need a little bit of tender loving care and find ways of balancing your needs with those of others. This is a time of outreach and assessment so the future months are filled with support and connection.


If there ever was a time to just roll up your sleeves, buckle down and get things done, this is it, Aquarius. You seem ready to get to work. Not only do you have great reserves of energy and enthusiasm, you are also able to prioritize what needs to be done and will easily find others who want to help you out. So go forth and accomplish. Check things off your to-do list. Anything you do now will give you more free time to fully enjoy your summer.


Pisces just want to have fun. And why not? You feel particularly inspired and especially creative now. Follow your muse and try some new art forms that enable you to express yourself. Or plan the perfect party and get others to join in. Anything that you decide to do will spark your summer and lead to new ideas and fun adventures. Life has been too dull and stressful. Embrace this new optimism and verve to make your life more beautiful, artistic and enjoyable.

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