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Horoscope for the Week of June 7, 2021 - Venus in Cancer and Then Leo

Venus sweeps through two signs in the next three weeks- into Cancer then Leo. Hold onto your hearts as your love takes flight. Capture the cosmos and paint the sky glorious.
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(Angelina Jolie has Venus in Cancer)

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Aries find themselves caring deeply and often about people around them. It can be a time of heightened emotions, especially around family members. It is all good and about time. The week brings a refreshing evolution in how you relate to close companions and, soon enough, this will translate into more ways of enjoying life and just having fun. Embrace the moment.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Not only does your communication hit right at the heart of things, you are also compelling enough to more easily change hearts and minds in areas of your life that hold the greatest importance for you. So don’t sit back and wait. Go for it, Taurus. The time is now to forge new pathways for yourself and gain the security and strength that you have been seeking to take your personal life to a new level.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Spoil yourself a little more, Gemini. You have always loved a little extra bit of luxury in your life and now there are more ways to feel alive and a bit pampered. (Often without spending too much money) Discovering a new treat may lead to many more of them. Is there a way to share your discoveries? Will you become the next internet influencer sensation? Anything is possible...
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
People gravitate to you more and more now, Cancer. Embrace the opportunity to meet many new people and you will discover many comfortable ways of interacting with your many fans. But all of this popularity should have a practical purpose too. You have had time to gather and develop some great new ideas for projects going forward. Start putting them into action.
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
So much good stuff is swirling around you, Leo. How can you best capture some of it and make it your personal destiny? This is the best time to rediscover and fully reveal the mystery of success and love. Find helpful spirits that can make your dreams a reality. Unleash yourself from restricting behaviors and pessimistic thoughts. The world reopens and so now must you.
Social interactions go smoothly as you find more confidence and interest in breaking out again into widening friendships, clubs and organizations. Don’t be shy Virgo. Find safe ways to explore new connections that foster your passions. You might have developed a few new interests in the past several months. There is a lot going on out there and you will want to be part of the action... in person.
Getting back into the swim of your career might have taken a bit of a push before, but now you are revved and ready to go, go, go. What is your ultimate goal, Libra? Where are you right now and what path do you need to take to get you to where you want to go? All of these questions can now be answered. At some point you may want to ask a trusted friend but I think you have all the answers within you.
It a been a long time since you felt comfortable planning a vacation but this may be a good point to start your planning, Scorpio. The vistas are opening up and your imagination is building up a wonderful adventure that will need to be put into action soon. And you won’t be traveling alone. Before you know it many others will want to be a part of this great escape. It could become a party scene.
Sexy Sagittarians suddenly begin to feel feisty and on the move and groove. Go with your amorous feelings and see how you can charge up the scene. It can be the perfect time to find your soulmate or, if you are currently in a love relationship, make it stronger, more exciting and very lusty. Enjoy every passionate moment and try to find ways to make it last and last.
If you felt some form of isolation in the past few months, there are now opportunities to reconnect and feel more involved in partnerships. Reach out and strengthen the physical bonds that zooming may have helped but may not have completely fulfilled. Maybe it will be going back to the office or maybe it will involve family or close friends. Wherever you connect, enjoy every moment, Capricorn.
Action is the word of the week, Aquarius. You feel much more charged and robust. The cosmos gives you an added jolt of oomph and ambition to make something, anything, happen. Remember all of those to-do projects? You now have the energy and enthusiasm to not only do but do well. And you will also have many willing helpers to get in on the fun. Oh, let’s not call it work....
It is time to get creative, inspirational and romantic all at the same time, Pisces. Optimism and a fresh perspective light up your life and gives you hope for the future. What activities can you plan that will not only deliver but also add an extra jolt of luck? Parties come to mind as do some massive art installation or music extravaganza. Whatever it is, do it with gusto. Ho, ho, ho!
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