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Horoscope for the Week of August 2, 2021 - All Outer Planets Retrograde

As we enter August we realize that all of the outer planets – Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus - are or will be going retrograde. If life is not what it appears to be on first glance, give yourself time to fully take in the landscape before you act. Sometimes we all just need a breather before we pounce.

Catherine de medici










(Catherine de' Medici had Pluto in Capricorn)

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Dreams of riches may have to wait. There is too much static going on around you to enable you to fully focus on what is rocking and rolling in your bank account. That’s because your social life will have its dramatic moments and may involve you helping out a friend to a much deeper degree than you initially thought. You are a very, very good friend, Aries.


First impressions are lasting impressions, Taurus. This is why, when you find yourself surrounded by new people or in a new situation, you might want to stay in the background and survey the scene before you charge into the middle of it. This is especially true in professional events. Try to be more of a non-event and you will eventually be the event planner.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Surprises are in store for you, Gemini, as what you thought was secret may be released unexpectedly. Travel may be a source of these surprises or maybe it will involve a point where there is a moment of clarity and realization. Whatever you learn now will be put to very good use later. For now, take all outside stimuli and file it in your mind for future use.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Friends bring a bit of zest and excitement into your life now. This can be a welcome break from any boredom as your social life hits a high point. But know when too much is too much for you, Cancer. There are some invitations that you may want to defer for another time. Pick and choose. And that goes for your love life too!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Professional projects and priorities may change dramatically and unexpectedly now, Leo. But that doesn’t mean that you should get rattled. In fact, this should make you feel pretty prescient as you have predicted these changes a while ago. Pitch in and help the team effort. Don’t tell them “I told you so”, though. They already know it.


Adventures may have their dramatic moments, Virgo. Your plans can change in an instant. Sometimes it might require a lot more work than expected. The secret now is to remain flexible and open to the various possibilities of the cosmos while you navigate a changing landscape. Who knows what the fates will deliver to you? Sometimes it’s flowers.


Your love life will prove to be more intense and surprising than normal. Lovers provide the spark that can set passions aflame. Libras strive for harmony and diplomacy but this may be hard to achieve now when emotions are so high. Oftentimes we experience change where change is needed. So see what you need and who can give it to you. 


Relationships that were more or less routine and, let’s face it, maybe a little boring, suddenly spice up and become far more interesting. That is because there are some surprises in store for you, Scorpio, from some unexpected folks. All of this activity keeps you on your toes and highly focused on the situation. See where it all takes you…


Concentrating on work will give you greater direction but now, Sagittarius, be prepared to get a little lost in the woods over it. Priorities may change and job functions that you thought were pivotal, may not be so important now. Remain flexible and apply your talents in new, more fertile areas. Who knows what a good shake up can bring? New opportunities!


Fun may be a little more work than you expect, Capricorn. Surprises may involve last minute changes. A small event can turn into a grand over the top one. Even an inspiration can take on massive proportions and become unwieldy. Remember - When you throw your big outdoor party, be sure to check for possible rain. But fun can be had indoors too!


Family and your overall home life can be the source of surprises and unexpected changes, Aquarius. Be prepared for anything and everything now. Projects that might have just started, take on a life of their own and can become too much to handle all at once. The secret to your success is to remain very flexible … and creative!


Your words can move mountains, Pisces. So whatever is on your mind, give yourself a chance to mull it over before you share your opinions. Secrets can be spilled and this can impact friendships. Let’s just say that this will be an exciting time for you where life will reveal all sorts of important stuff. Learn all that you can and wait for the right time to react.

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