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Horoscope for the Week of July 19, 2021 - Venus in Virgo

Venus enters Virgo and leads us to a more practical view of love. Are we getting what we want out of a certain relationship? This is the week to find out. How do I love you? Let me carefully count the ways.

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(Julia Roberts has Venus in Virgo)

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It may be that the job that you thought was the best thing ever, comes with some degree of compromise. But that works for you, Aries. You know that the good out-weighs the stress. So take this helpful knowledge and make whatever drives you, headed in the ultimate right direction. There is success in your sights. Make your practical moves to it.


Fun is not only a bit more work than you first thought, you also realize that putting in that extra effort now will have multiple great results. So don’t be afraid of a little extra effort in anything creative or festive. It will pay off in multiples and be even better than you will ever imagine. Sometimes inspiration requires a little extra perspiration.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Anything having to do with home and family will require much more effort on your part, Gemini. That is because the love is flowing more freely and everyone wants your attention. So try to plan a range of good things and positive actions that will have longer lasting impact on these relationships. Is a long overdue reunion in your future?

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Whatever you say now, even if it is criticism, will sound lovely and complimentary. That is because you seem to have the secret of diplomacy and charm, Cancer. So try your talent on some unsuspecting friends and see how they do whatever you want. If you have some good ideas percolating in your mind, share them now. They will go further than you think.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

You seem to know exactly what to do to make a few extra dollars, Leo. Your financial acumen is top notch and your imagination is taking you to new levels. Don’t let this profitable energy languish and evaporate. Do the necessary homework, ask the right advisor and make your monetary decisions. A delightful retirement may be in your future.


If you have an interest in making a big social pool splash, this is the time to do it, Virgo. Not only do you have oodles of charisma, you also seem to know what you need to do to impress others. The time is right for personal growth and upward movement. Swim with the big fish and see how many you can land on your side.


There is something wonderful going on in the background that, while you may not realize it right now, will pay off for you soon. So let your karma take you to new levels, Libra, and allow your spirituality to guide you to places where you can realize your full potential. Doing charitable works now and paying it forward will be very rewarding.


Friends just seem to effortlessly gravitate to you now, Scorpio. What will you do with all of this adoring attention? First try to just “be” in the moment, enjoying others’ company and just chilling out. Then find ways to excite the crowd by planning and sharing some fun ideas. The main thing to accomplish now is to get back into the swing of things.


Long term plans take a sudden and happy shift for you, Sagittarius. Maybe it’s because all of your careful planning is paying off or maybe it’s because the fates smile upon you. Whatever bosses your course, take it to the highest levels of success. Make your mark on the world and shift its balance to your way of thinking. If not you, then who?


Travel is highlighted now, Capricorn and not only because you are itching to get out and about, but also because opportunities abound. Don’t sit at home and wait for a knock on the door. Reach out to others and see what their plans are. Expand your horizons any way you can. Anything that you learn now will be very valuable in the near future.


Sexy Aquarians are ready for anything and anyone. Grrrr. You are full of alluring charm and attract a range of interesting and attractive people. Anyone you want is in your grasp, but try to be a bit choosey and discerning. Too much of a good thing may not be as fun as you might think…. Or maybe I am totally wrong here!


Your connections to others, especially very special others, will not only strengthen now but will become much closer and loving. Even relationships that have taken a break can reconnect and merge, if that is what you want. The decision is in your control so see who you really want to be with and make it happen now, Pisces.

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