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Horoscope for the Week of July 5, 2021 - Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all Retrograde

Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde, slowing us down and requiring us to revisit old challenges yet again. Maybe this is a good time to take a breath, chill out and relax more? Allow the cosmos to grind along while you just watch the action from a lounge chair.

Sigmund freud








(Sigmund Freud had Neptune in Pisces)

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Life may be one big mixture of long term plans that involve friends and some quirky surprises. You may discover that what you thought was true about a certain person is no longer true. If so, enjoy the revelation and readjust the friendship to reflect that new normal. Who knows what new things you two can do together, Aries? It can be all one big discovery.


Finding enough time to gather with a select few and maybe even travel and explore new landscapes will require compromises, Taurus. Your career requires your full attention but your heart is wandering and wanting. Solutions to life balance are there but it will take some careful thinking and lots of planning. You can do it. Do it sooner than later.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Plan a romantic escape while you can Gemini. Go quickly before you are asked to reschedule as work commitments build up. You yearn to break out of your old routine, experience something refreshing and mind changing that leads to more inspiration and energy. Find new, close and inventive ways to super charge your love life. Think creatively.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

Your world is wrapped up in relationships now, Cancer. It can mean that a particular one-to-one heats up and becomes more intimate. It could also mean that you change your mind several times before you commit. Find the right balance and the right person by seeing who brings more sexy oomph, happy excitement and a bit of stability into your life. Decision made!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Are you feeling a little sluggish, Leo? If so, chalk it up to too much energy expended on cultivating and nurturing a specific relationship. Some people just need a lot of attention. Maybe too much, but don’t lose patience. If you can manage to give others time and good will, it will pay off for you in the long term with lots of good times.


Virgos can work themselves up into a frazzle as their many small side projects suddenly become front and center high priorities. So before you commit to what might first seem to be just a fun and light enterprise, think about everything that it will entail and how long it might take. If it still fits into your schedule without stress, then go for it!


As much as you would like to find new ways to get family together, it may turn out to be much more work than you expect. So many different needs from so many different directions may increase your stress. But Libras are great at balancing many different priorities and diplomatically managing different people that it will all be worth it in the end.


If there are some things that you would like to say to certain family members, wait a little bit before you say anything. It would be wise to weigh your words carefully, Scorpio, and rely on your innate strategic sense to lead you in the right direction. All of this ups and downs will soon pass but while it is happening, stay cool and above the fray.


Avoid any last minute monetary decisions, Sagittarius, and try to focus on a long term strategy. The past few months may have either required more money than you expected to spend or having to tighten your budget due to a restriction in income. Whatever it is, try and look at finances from a slow and steady perspective going forward.


Get all of your questions answered regarding finances, especially as it impacts some of your personal plans and projects. What budget will you need to launch something ambitious and important, Capricorn? Whatever you decide to do, talking to experts first will be vitally important. Gather up all of the information and make the most informed decision possible.


Whatever gets you out in front of new people, do it with great preparation now. You have a lot to offer but may not fully see all of the challenges that others will put in your path. Some will surprise you but you are up for anything and everyone. Just polish your sales technique and practice, practice, practice in the mirror, Aquarius.


Your imagination runs wild, Pisces. This can be a very fertile and expansive time for you as great ideas just seem to pop into your head. Survey the landscape and see where you may need to do extra research to maneuver yourself in the crowd. Friends may shift your focus and change your direction. Pivot with purpose but know where you want to go.

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