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Horoscope for the Week of August 30, 2021 - Personal Planets in Libra

The mood is bright with possibilities as all four personal planets traverse Libra over the next few weeks. Harmony and diplomacy can lead us to new opportunities for growth. So let your sunshine in and light up the room. Pack sunglasses....

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(Bruce Springsteen has Sun in Libra)

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Aries can not only readjust any relationship dynamic to their advantage, they can also forge new associations that will prove to be especially strong and long lasting. So instead of focusing on the tiny details, allow yourself to see the big beautiful picture of what can be. Compromise where you can and attain strategic wisdom as you do it.


There will be times where you think there is much too much to do for one person. But not only are you up for anything now, Taurus, you will not do anything on your own if you choose to ask for help. Tackle any chores with enthusiasm. You will not only do a great job, you will create a social network of happy helpers. A picnic afterwards will help…

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)

Fun is highlighted now, Gemini and that means anything from solitary creative projects to fabulously festive parties that brings in the crowds. Use this time to find your comfort level with numbers of attendees and discover (or re-discover) your passions. This is the time to create beauty and artistry… and maybe a little romance tossed in. Wow!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)

While there might have been many opportunities to connect with family over the past few months, now these opportunities will have a special glow. Gather loved ones, either in person or virtually, Cancer, and find ways to enhance the connections. Create harmonious reunions and find ways to smooth out the rough edges. It will bring greater long term joy.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)

Leos often have some clever and creative ideas but need a time and place to share them. Opportunities now abound for you to let your ideas roam free. Anything you share now can take you to a new and important level and bring you into important circles. So contemplate your rise to the top and see how charming you can be on that journey.  


Figure out where you want to be financially and make it happen now, Virgo. You can clearly see what needs to be done and can find the right advisor to help you make it happen. This can be a time of a re-evaluation of your long term goals to see if you are on the right path. Happily you can see through the distractions and focus on what really matters.


The next couple of weeks will place you front and center for whatever activity you choose to pursue. Are you interested in super charging your social life? Or are you focusing more on quiet personal projects. Choose and activate, Libra. You will not only have the support you need but also a happy time doing it. Create life balance and hone your success.


There are so many things going on around you, you will be forgiven if you miss some of the details. The most important thing you can accomplish now is to find ways of achieving a harmonious atmosphere and reaching out to others in charitable endeavors. Scorpios are best served by letting the cosmos carry them to their next big adventure. Whoosh!


Friendships will figure prominently for you now, Sagittarius. Everyone wants some of your time and attention. You may need to prioritize which groups you spend time because your schedule will be tight and your attention somewhat scattered. Sharpen your diplomacy skills. You will need it to make everyone feel special and valuable.


Are you where you want to be now, Capricorn? If so, use this time to push forward and get ahead. If now, use this time to readjust your goals and re-evaluate your path to success. You can be a leader in any field you choose. Choose one that will give you greater personal satisfaction and more professional independence.


Adventure awaits and your capacity for experiencing new things is vast. So allow yourself to expand yoru horizons in any form that gives you greater perspective and breathe of vision. There are subjects that will fascinate you. But there seems to be so much to learn. Will you have enough time to gather all of the knowledge you need? The answer is yes, Aquarius.


Pisces will not only be extra charismatic and charming now, they will also increase their capacity for love and passion. So explore your love life to see that it is delivering everything you want and deserve. Find the right match at the right moment in time and see if there is a spark. Life can become life lived large. No, even larger!

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